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At Oaktree Interiors, we are experienced office fitters who are able to design and build bespoke offices fittings and furniture that is able to say everything about your company and improves its general outlook.

Making your employees feel comfortable in their surroundings, should be one of the most paramount aspects in order to improve productivity. Similarly, if you'd like to promote your company as a fresh, modern-looking business who has its finger on the 'trendy office pulse' - an office refurbishment will help you to create a better impression on your clients. Simply, an office refurbishment could be the small difference that can make your business a success, or not.

Brexit: The Aftermath.

Following the UK's vote out of the European Union this summer, fear and panic spread like wildfire amongst the media, the markets and the general populous.The Prime Minister resigned, other government ministers fell on their swords, the main opposition is in disarray - but nothing hasactually happened as of yet.

In fact, many people believe that the government may relent on their promise that 'Brexit means Brexit' and either not push through Article 50 that represents the formal exit from the EU, or at the very least, call another referendum. Whatever happens, the point that people should remember is that nothing will happen for the next few years, so all of this undue panicking doesn't help. Instead we should all work together to make sure that whatever happens, is as successful as it possibly can be.

The impact of Brexit on markets and businesses

Just a matter of hours after the result was known, the affects of Brexit started to begin - namely wiping off over $2 trillion off the world's financial markets in just 24 hours. Many commentators have said that this adverse reaction was taken by traders, simply because they panicked – unsure of what was going to happen next. Despite the vast downturn, the UK's FTSE index actually closed trading higher than the previous week – perhaps highlighting that the undue panicking from the world's traders was perhaps a little premature. Even though since the drop, the markets have recovered slightly, it still leaves them in a moment of uncertainty. Obviously any uncertainty from the top of the financial game will trickle down to eventually affect us all.

For businesses this creates a somewhat difficult question to ponder – What will happen in the future? Will my business shrink or even expand if/when the Brexit process is complete? How much office space will I need and will it satisfy my needs for the long-term? Will hiring office fitters to make use of that space be a good investment to make?Answering these questions by making the right decisions is a difficult call - but businesses around the UK need to start putting their plans in place now, for any eventuality of whatever may happen in the coming years.

It's this word - uncertainty that underlines the fact that every business must prepare for any eventually. The up-and-down nature of the markets will probably continue and we won't know the full impact of whether Brexit will be good for the economy or not, until the time comes.

The un-changing office.

One aspect that you can guarantee will be the same whatever happens, is the office workplace. With either the majority of, or your entire production taking place in an office environment, it's never been as important to make sure that it offers a welcoming atmosphere for your staff and clients alike.

As a business, you will see the importance of maintaining an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere inside your office. For one, it will give staff a boost, knowing that they are working in a comfortable environment and that the company values them. This will only make productivity shoot up as a result. Secondly, any clients that you may be hosting, will be looking at your office to get a better insight of who they're dealing with – if the surroundings are uninspiring, they that will probably be their view of the company. If they're fresh and modern-looking however – that could be the vital difference in winning a contact, or not.

Agile Working – the futuristic present of office design.

More businesses than ever are adopting an 'agile working' design when it comes to fitting out their offices. It's predicted by 2020 (funnily enough, when Brexit is supposed to be in full swing) that around three-quarters of businesses will be offering some kind of agile working practice in their workplaces. The two main benefits that agile working brings, which will explain its popularity, is that it offers a more collaborative environment for staff and that it makes better use of the entire space of the office – making sure that everything that has been paid for, is being used.

Ultimately, an agile working design will offer an office workspace the freedom and flexibility for you to be able to create a productive environment. As we know – a workplace that is inspiring, will help to push productivity along at a natural pace. Being in an environment that is gloomy, will only create an artificial push – aside from the productivity being low, this would also lower the quality of the work produced. This is obviously not what you want – so whilst you're planning ahead for whatever the future may bring, just remember that the fit-out of the office is crucial for the work that you're undertaking. Brexit or no Brexit.

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