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There is now a variety of different methods which claim to help boost productivity and innovation at work, with everything from apps, books and websites which all claim to have the brightest ideas. But the best way for many businesses to get more out of their employees is to take more consideration over their workplace and the way in which it works.

Important Considerations For Office Refurbishments

Often poor layout, design or aesthetics can have a negative effect on employee relationships or focus when it comes to work, which can easily spread or get worse if it is not addressed effectively. Here are some of the aspects of your office refurbishment which can really make a difference:

  • Wall colour – When designing the look of your new office it's important to carefully consider the colours which will be used as this can have an influence on the way people work. It's often best to stick to the lighter hues as they often help convey a sense of calm, airiness, and openness. Cooler colors (greens, blues and purples) are often associated with being relaxed and inviting, while warmer colors (yellows, oranges and reds) are often associated with warmth and creativity.
  • Desks & Chairs – Cramming in as many desks as possible may allow you to have more workers, but their performance will be affected if they are unable to concentrate properly or interact with the right people. The right choice will depend on what type of work you are doing and the amount of space at your disposal, It's important that workers have enough space around them for all of the equipment they need so they don't have to waste time looking for things whilst working.
  • Proper storage – Every company builds up a whole host of things such as computer equipment, paperwork and books as well as everything else which builds up over time. Ensuring these have a place and are organised efficiently will help everybody else to do their job efficiently. Look into storage such as bookshelves or wall shelves to store quick-access things that you use on the daily basis. Consider having a table close-by where you can put your stacks of paper and files so that they aren't on your main workspace.
  • Lighting – Finally look at the lighting which is being used inside your office and assess whether it provides the right level of light to aid concentration and innovation. When undertaking an office refurbishment make sure the layout and windows are planned together so that employees have enough natural light to do their job properly. Adding in mirrors can help distribute light around the room and help it feel more open.

Complete Office Interiors, Fit-Outs & Partitioning From Oaktree

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