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Research has shown that a well designed office interior can have a huge effect on a business and its success, as employees are much more likely to express job satisfaction and see their company as innovative. Many of the world's most famous technology firms such as Facebook and Google have led the way in designing and creating forward thinking office environments which completely ignore the traditional style and layout which the rest of us have become so used to.

What Effect Can Office Interiors Have On Employee Engagement?

Here are some of the features of modern offices which are set to take over in the future:

  • Workspace Balance – One of the biggest changes to the average office interior in the future is the balance between individual and collaborative working areas. This will still vary depending on the company and what they do, but modern designs now often feature a mix of single work stations and collaborative areas which allows workers to have as much or little privacy as they need, an issue which many people have with their traditional workplace layout.
  • Clever Technology – This may sound obvious, as every office will feature technology in the future, but it's more about which innovations to use and how much you use of them. One area which will develop the most is communication, with office interiors that include places for video calling and secure wireless access.
  • Self-Serve IT – This was made famous by Facebook who have vending machines in their offices which have spare keyboards and other computer equipment in them so that a worker can fix issues they have themselves without the need to call and wait for someone to come and help. This type of system is likely to become more common as it saves time and money which are easily wasted.
  • Healthy Movement – Employees who are active and healthy have been proven to be more productive, particularly during the working day. Modern office interiors should include areas where workers can walk around or sit more comfortably on a regular basis, helping people stay healthy and focused on their work.
  • Good Ergonomics – Anyone who sits at a desk for long periods of time will understand how important it is to be comfortable and use equipment which doesn't strain your muscles or eyes. Over time these contribute to an employee's content with the company and their job.
  • Lively Interiors – The colours and aesthetics of an office environment can have a huge influence on mood. Dull colours can lower motivation, which can easily spread between people. Bright and lively colours will help improve morale and create a happy environment which will be remembered by people who visit the office.
  • Include Areas For Fun – Having well designed break-out areas for employees to get away from their desk is vital to allow them to recharge and avoid becoming tired and fatigued, and also provides opportunities for team building.

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Create Smart Office Interiors With Oaktree

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