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Oaktree Interiors are an office fit out company that has clocked up almost 30 years experience in designing and building office spaces for many different kinds of businesses. Our longevity shows that we are constantly learning, improving and adapting, which is why we are a leader in office refurbishment in London and the South. We have gained our industry-leading reputation, simply because we listen to our clients and take the time to incorporate what they need from their office design, into our planning. It's no surprise that the result is always a satisfying one – something which we are extremely proud of.

Why should I refurbish my office?

Refurbishing an office could potentially prove to be an expensive and time-consuming project to undertake – so why bother? Investing in something always looks at the look term benefits that it can provide. Just leaving something stationery, will have increasingly less impact as time – and the business – moves on. With the long-term already taken care of, you are able to reap the benefits when they come along.

With that in mind, let's look at some of those benefits that refurbishing your office can bring;

  • Motivating staff .
    There's nothing worse than turning up for work in uninspiring, tired and faded surroundings – it can be simply de-motivating and exhausting. Refurbishing your office will give it a 'new and fresh' look – which will have an impact on your staff. This positive impact will make them feel more comfortable in their surroundings, motivating them as they go about their work and you'll notice that productivity will go up as a result.
  • Creating better impressions .
    If you're ever hosting any of your clients in the office, then they will form an opinion about your business and this will play into their decision to trade with you. If they look around and see something that is physically draining to look at, it will create an instant negative impression about your business – something you obviously don't want. A modern refurbishment will create a good impression and give them the confidence that they're dealing with a professional, modern-looking company.
  • Modernisation .
    Many of today's office spaces take great care in their design, simply to make everyone's jobs much easier. With the advent of computer systems and plug-and-play-devices, many office interiors lack easy-to-use electrical systems, let alone the space to house them safely. Instead of investing in potentially hazardous external equipment, it'll be much-more beneficial in the long term, if an whole new design is implemented, one that will take care of all of the modern demands of an office.

Choosing the right office refurbishment company

As we know now, fitting out an office can provide a workplace with a real boost of morale – just working in what is aesthetically (as well as physically) a better environment will raise spirits and higher the rate of productivity. A great way of saving your business time and money is by hiring the services of a professional office refurbishment company – but making sure to choose the right one can be crucial. Whatever your reasons for choosing to fit out your office, be sure that you research and know all about the company before you make the plunge – hiring the wrong company to undertake your project will make things more difficult than they really should be.

With that in mind, here are some tips on choosing the right office renovation company for you;

  • Look for reviews/testimonials .
    When you're thinking about choosing a company to refurbish your office, many will have well-designed websites, with great sales pitches – but the best way to correctly gauge whether they're right for you, is to look at their online reviews. Many too, will have testimonials on their websites – look at them and see how each company relates to what you do and ask yourself can they help me too?

  • Consider how you want to work .
    The best way to keep a project such as this, simple, is to make sure that you work with an office fit out company that takes a similar approach to their work as you do. Whether this entails their attitude to arranging the project, or simply what their philosophy is towards the work, you will get a good idea whether they're right for you just by undertaking an initial meeting. Being flexible is the key attitude that the company should have - if you notice that they aren't keen on what you want from the project, then they probably won't be right for you.
  • Don't be dissuaded from what YOU want .
    Any decent company will listen to what you have to say and be able to come up with a plan to carry out an office refurbishment to your requirements. By all means, listen to what they have to suggest but be sure that you don't get pushed off course (or off a budget) that you have set for the design that YOU want. After all, it's you that will have to pay for the project in the end.
  • What experience is on offer?
    A great question to ask yourself, in any walk of life really, is how has this company done this before? Look back to the review section and see the many different companies who have left testimonials – you'll normally find that the best refurbishment companies have learned how to be adaptable through their experiences in designing offices for many different types of companies. Being flexible – as well as original – are the precise attributes that you should be seeking too.

Oaktree Interiors – An experienced and flexible office fit out company for you!

Please feel free to browse our website to see the many services that we are able to carry out for all our clients. We have a dedicated testimonial section where many of our happy and varied clients have left a review of our services.

To find out how we can put in place an effective office fit out plan to transform your office interiors for the future, or even if yourequire more information on any of our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0845 474 3556 or send us an email at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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