leadforensics How To Use Creative Office Design To Improve Business Culture

Modern office design is regarded as being more creative than ever before. More and more businesses are attempting to offer incredible office space which will, essentially, act as a marketing or recruiting tool for their company. However, there is a difference between a creative office and a creative office which encourages a fantastic office culture.

When it comes to office design in London, it is important that businesses don't just create offices that reflect their brand identity, but which are both practical and enjoyable environments to work in.

Listening to your employees is one of the most effective ways to create a great office culture, but there are a range of features which typically offer a greatly increased and positive culture amongst your workforce.

Improving Your Office Culture With Design

  • Create An Open Area For Communication – An open floor space, in almost any office, can easily be re-imagined for a gathering of your employees. A simple meeting space can really make all the difference, and improve your employee's perception of both their peers and management. An open space can really bring people together and spark open discussions which can lead to some fantastic solutions to business problems being created. Steve Jobs, for example, designed all of his offices so that his employees would be able to comfortably engage with other members of the company. Allowing ideas to cross departments can really improve their formation and result in some real, dynamic changes to the workplace.
  • Consider Both Form And Function – Ensuring that your employee's workstations are laid out in a way which can allow easy interaction is essential to improving your office culture. Whilst many employees will still prefer individual work, the opportunity to engage with their co-workers can really improve their loyalty to the company itself.
  • Make Your Office Feel Like Home – Whilst this is impractical across your entire office space, take care to make your employee's break out areas feel like relaxed, casual environments. Remember to post photos from team-building events, meeting and any company festivities that take on the notice board or on the fridge. Storytelling is a huge part of office design and culture – take care to highlight your achievements, memories and the things that matter most to your organisation.
  • Aim For Simplicity – Keep your office's working area particularly streamlined. Not only will this offer less in the terms of distractions, but you can make your entire office look neater. One of the simplest ways of doing is utilising wireless technology wherever possible and keeping wires hidden away. Try to show technology off like it was a work of art, and allow items like computer monitors and screens to dominate their immediate space.
  • Make Your Workspace Reflect Your Identity And Culture – Taking care to ensure that your workplace matches your overall brand identity is important when it comes to encouraging loyalty to your business. In the same way, consider how your employees behave and how the layout of your office can serve to make their working lives easier and more rewarding.

Oaktree Interiors - Office Design In London

When it comes to creating a positive office culture, your office design itself is one of the most useful tools at your disposal. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we offer industry-leading office design in London to help businesses from a wide range of industries improve their office culture and enjoy the benefits of a highly-motivated and positive workforce.

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