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There are countless ways that office interiors can be improved for better productivity, but they all depend on how many people work there, how big the space is and what type of business the employees are working for. Many companies can improve their productivity by following a few simple recommendations which have been tested and proved effective. Some are personal changes, some affect everyone, but they can all make an overall difference.

6 Design Tips Which Can Boost You're Company's Productivity

1. Positioning – This may sound obvious, but having your chair and computer screen in comfortable positions can make a difference as you avoid straining your eyes or sitting in an awkward position. Adjust the screen so it's in your eye line and keep everything you need in a reachable distance so you don't over strain your muscles.

2. Keep Desks Tidy – This is more of a personal preference which is impossible to enforce, but having a clutter free desk can help people stay focused and avoid confusion when they need to find a particular document. This also includes computer files, helping you save time and effort searching for every file.

3. Colour Selection – Studies have now proved that the colours can have universal effects on people's emotions and behaviour. One famous study carried out by Angela Wright found that blue stimulates the mind, yellow inspires creativity, red affects your body and green creates a calming balance. Choosing the brightness of the colours for your office interiors is also important as muted colours are much more calming than bright colours.

4. Plants – Many offices interiors feature plants often just for show, but they can have an effect if put in the right places. Not only do they look great, but have also showed they can improve attention and productivity whilst helping clear any mould that could build up in the room.

5. Lighting – This is another simple but effective method which can make real differences. Having windows that allow in natural light is better for efficiency; however this is not always possible in well established offices. Lights which shine directly at workers can be off-putting and lead to a drop in productivity.

6. Consider Seating Arrangements – Most offices use the standard open plan style which is chosen so workers can communicate with each other and collaborate with work. But a recent study has shown that many people would prefer to have more privacy when at their desks, as they prefer to make phone calls or have conversations without everyone else listening. Some businesses need to have an open office interior, but by segregated conference rooms and break areas can give people the privacy when they need it.

Innovative Office Interiors From Oaktree

At Oaktree interiors we provide high quality bespoke office interiors in London and all around the UK. We work with your company to create an office design which is tailored to the requirements of the business and its employees. We have an experienced team built up over 30 years which includes our own teams of data and electrical engineers.

To find out how we can transform your office for better productivity get in contact with us by emailinghello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling 0845 474 3556.

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