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For many businesses, particularly start-up businesses, the option of instantly taking over an amazingly located office space which is large enough to comfortably allow continual growth is a daydream. Even finding a small office space which can really take advantage of the latest office interior design strategies is a rarity.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, one of the UK's leading interior fit-out companies, we specialise in creating the very best office environments for a business' needs. Large or small, we always do our best to ensure a positive working environment, and encourage high-degrees of productivity!

Making The Most Of Your Small Office Space?

To encourage a happy and productive office atmosphere, your limited space needs to be designed so that it achieves its greatest potential. A good workplace is efficient and organised; a great workplace is efficient, organised and it allows the business' personality to shine through, whilst encouraging high-levels of interaction between employees.

  1. Use Colour To Your Advantage! – Much like with larger office environments, colour is perhaps the most important thing to consider; it should certainly be one of the first! For a very small office be sure to sure to avoid very dark colours, as they will give the space a dismal, closed in appearance, but also avoid very bright colours, as they can prove a distraction and impede productivity. One strategy that many interior designers recommend is to pick a bright, bold colour and paint two feature or accent walls. The other two walls should be a more muted shade of that colour to keep a calm, productive atmosphere.
  2. Think Vertically! – For extra storage space, install overhead shelves about your workplace. If you need to, you can keep a small, foldable step-ladder nearby for easy access to the top-most shelves.
  3. Clear, Distinguished Pathways! – In a smaller office space, every spare inch of the room matters to the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. By keeping your floors as clear as possible, you can create clear pathways which allow easy movement around the office. A clean workspace can also make a room look bigger and so, for small offices, cleanliness is truly next to Godliness.
  4. Updated Or Personal Equipment! – If it is in your business' budget, be sure to get the very latest technology for your employees. Besides the obvious reasons of efficiency, the latest technology is much smaller than that of the recent past, and it could result in a great deal of saved space. Alternatively, if you are really on a tight budget, it might be best to ask your employees to use their own equipment, as it will significantly reduce your own expenses and might make your employee's working lives easier.
  5. Individual Space! – By having organised individual spaces for each of your employees, you can work to combat the 'cabin-fever' that many people working in close proximity suffer from. This can be a huge problem in smaller offices, but even encouraging your employees to leave their co-workers alone if they require it can be hugely beneficial to the overall office mood and productivity.
  6. Consider Multifunctional Furniture! – As often as is comfortable, you need to make the most of multifunctional furniture. A cabinet at the right height, for example, can make an excellent workstation.

    Foldout desks are a fantastic way of saving space, particularly if your employees are using personal laptops, or other portable devices which you have provided for them.

Make The Most Of Your Office Space With Oaktree Interiors

Having a small office needn't necessarily be a disadvantage to a small or start-up business! In fact, many companies work better as small, tightly-knit groups of people with easy methods of communication – including software and videogame developers.

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we understand how the best interior design strategies can be included in any size of office fit-outs, and we do not believe that small businesses must operate from unproductive and unhappy locations.

For more information, please contact Oaktree Interiors on hello@oaktreeoffices.com. Alternatively, you can call our friendly, specialised team directly on 0118 979 6600 to discover just how we can help your business make the most out of its limited office space!

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