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We've talked a lot in our blogs about how the design of an office can help to attract (and keep) talented employees at your company. With your employees being your greatest assets, the need to keep them happy, motivated and content with their role in your organisation is vital for the on-going success of your business. In this blog, we're going to go more in-depth on the subject, learning how an office refurbishment in Mayfair can help to retain talent and push your business onwards.

Understanding The Effects Of An Office Refurbishment In Mayfair.

It can't be a coincidence that the world's most successful businesses also have the best offices – Google for example, are well known for their outside-of-the-box thinking when it comes to creating inspiring, flexible office fit out designs for their staff. True, these massive companies have huge budgets to transform their interiors – but no matter the budget, without an effective office design plan in place, especially one that isn't geared towards functionality and aesthetics, then the environment produced will be counter-productive.

No matter the size, type or financial standing of the business, it simply needs to think smarter when putting in place an effective plan in regards to how their office design effects those present within it. By understanding what they, their employees and their clients want from the office interiors, then this knowledge will be worth more than a huge office fit out budget to any business.

How Can I Keep Talented Employees At My Company, Through Office Design?

The key thing to remember when approaching your office refurbishment in Mayfair is that the design doesn't have to be a Google-style 'wacky', 'out of this world' experience. Google are able to pull off such designs, simply because they are one of the world's largest companies and a market leader in their industry – and as such, don't have to compete for talented employees.

This isn't the case for most of us of course, so the need to combine functionality with aesthetic look is a vital component in retaining employees – if you're able to understand what they want from their work environment, then you've got a great head start when approaching the office fit out design.

Here, we'll look at the aspects that can help to inspire employees, help them to work productivity and to feel happy and content – all key ingredients in creating a sense of loyalty to the business.

  • The First Impression. You must have heard that old adage 'first impressions make all the difference'? In the business world, it's simply vital. When interviewing potential new employees, the design of the office will leave a strong impression on them. They will create an instant impression of your business and how it may treat them, just by looking around and viewing the aesthetics of the office. If they can see an environment that is modern, comfortable and functional, then they'll gain a favourable impression. If they see an office that is unorganised, shabby and unequipped, then it won't be somewhere that they would wish to work, at least in the long term.
  • The Business Branding/Culture. Any great office refurbishment in Mayfair should be able to show off the branding image and culture of the company. The branding equates to a 'professional, market-aware business', whilst the culture will give potential employees an idea of 'what it's like to work there'. A workplace that is dull and uniform can only produce the same kind of atmosphere, whereas an environment that is bright, fun and functional will result in many happy, smiling faces of people who enjoy their work. Genuinely being happy at work is an image any potential employee wants to experience.
  • The Perks. A great way to encourage a strong company culture is to offer employees day-to-day or regular 'perks' that will help them to feel more involved with the business. We're not necessarily talking about free gym memberships or private health insurance (although these are common enough) but in terms of the office design, introducing tea and coffee facilities, breakout rooms and televisions are great ways to provide employees with a relaxing break away from the potentially-stressful work environment.
  • The Engagement Aspect. The best workplaces are ones that are able to work with your employees, shaping its functions in accordance with the needs of an individual. Too many office designs aren't as flexible – meaning that people have to work around its limitations. When this is the case, is it any surprise that some people may feel frustrated at work? By embracing the modern trend of flexibility, you can truly carry out the ideal office refurbishment in Mayfair – whether it's furniture, technology or the layout of the office itself, everything should be considered as a candidate for flexibility.
  • The Workplace: A Great Destination. Many people see going to work as a 'chore' – experiencing this feeling will simply lead to disconnection and unhappiness. Wouldn't it be better for them and the work they produce, if they actually looked forward to their day at work? By designing a work environment that is engaging, fun, functional and healthy, you can create a true destination workplace that everyone will want to be a part of.

Create The Perfect Office Design For Your Business, With Oaktree Interiors.

If you're looking to create an inspiring and motivating environment for your current (and future) employees, in order to retain and attract the best talents, then let Oaktree help you to realise your perfect office design. Having been operating within the office fit out industry for well over 3 decades, our unique experience has given us an insight into how a well-honed, flexible design can have positive long-term effects on a business – no matter its size and budget.

If you would like to learn more about how we're able to undertake an office refurbishment in Mayfair for you, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can give us a call on 0845 474 3556 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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