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As an employer, you not only need to attract new employees, but also make sure you can retain them. To do this, an employee needs to experience a certain amount of job satisfaction but also be comfortable with the environment ultimately you provide. To achieve this, office refurbishment is one major step you can take to attract and retain your best employees and make your work space a healthy and productive one to help your business thrive.

How Can Office Refurbishment Help You Retain Your Best Employees?

With office design, every detail counts to create the best work place possible. Each feature of an office can contribute to the happiness of an employee and therefore their productiveness. To get the most out of your employees and achieve the potential of your business, the most important thing to consider is the wellbeing of employees. Great office design has been proven to improve workers mood and health, which will motivate and inspire them to produce their best work. The resulting satisfaction will help improve your employee retention.

Oaktree Interiors has completed a number of office refurbishments in Berkshire which match the goals and culture of the businesses the offices were designed for.

What Details Should You Consider For Your Office Refurbishment?

There are a few important details to consider when designing a new office but this shouldn't be a decision made solely by you. A good starting point is to ask your employees what they want or need. Talking and Listening to those who will be working in the office day in, day out will let you know what the most important things are to your employees. Here are just some ways to make your office a better and more productive environment.

Open/Private space – Utilising the space of your office properly can go a long way to creating an office space which will employees will be comfortable in. One way to do this is creating different areas for different functions. Doing this will allow employees to feel more at home. Instead of spending hours sat behind a desk within an open area, they can opt for privacy or maybe commune with colleagues in a relaxed environment. Having different spaces will also encourage movement which makes employees more active.

Natural light – To have a healthier workplace, one of the most important things to consider is how much exposure there is to natural light. An employee who works in an office with more exposure to natural light will enjoy longer and a better quality night's sleep than an employee in an office with no windows. This will help the employee's health and productivity.

Oaktree Interiors will discuss every detail with you for your office refurbishment in Berkshireand anywhere else in the UK.

Office Refurbishment Berkshire

Make Your Employees Happier With An Office Refurbishment In Berkshire.

At Oaktree Interiors we have a highly qualified team with over 30 years of experience in the design and refurbishment of office interiors in Berkshire and all over the UK. Oaktree will see your project through to the very end from the planning stages of your office design.

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