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It is extremely easy to get carried away with great office design in London. In a world of cool, exciting offices with slides running between office floors, completely open-plan offices where nobody has a desk and pool tables making a regular appearance in breakout areas, more and more businesses are simply attempting to copy the designs of their competitors or industry-leaders.

However, one of the primary things you need to remember is that your workplace is just that; your workplace. Ensuring that your workplace is designed to efficiently meet the needs of your employees is essential if you want your office to be a productive and happy place.

There are few things more irritating to your employees than systems which feature a lot of red tape or unnecessary features, when they could have a much easier and quicker method worked out for themselves.

How Can You Use Collaboration In Your Office Design In London

Over the past few years, workplaces have become more and more informal. More meetings than ever before have been held over lunch, at the local coffee shop or even at the pub. In a similar way, technology has played more of an important part in discussions, which has also helped to reduce the formality of the workplace.

Of course, the main feature in creating an effective workplace is frankly entering into it with an open mind. It doesn't matter how much you might want your office to feature an incredible open-plan office design, if it will hamper your workforce from fulfilling their jobs it will not be a good choice. The key lies in the understanding of each area of your office – not just on an overall workspace level, but at a more team-based or individual level. Understanding the features which will most benefit your employees, and implementing them in an effective way, can hugely contribute to their workplace productivity.

Listen To Your Employees

A lot of employers, managers and business leaders seem to refuse to believe this, but your employees know more about their day to day lives and working life than you do. Taking the time to really get to know what features your workforce would like to be implemented can hugely benefit your company in a real way.

Not only will listening to employees improve your end office design in London, but it will also increase their loyalty as they will feel valued within your company overall.

Office refurbishments are often regarded as one of the major ways to improve productivity and keep employees satisfied in their workplace – whilst this is true, these advantages can be multiplied by simply taking your employees needs into consideration.

Bespoke Office Design, From Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we understand that every business' brand identity is unique, and that, as a business leader, you need to ensure that your office reflects your established identity. However, you also need to take into account the fact that your office is a workplace – optimising your space for your employees' daily working life is the most important part of any office refurbishment.

If you're looking for office design in London, from an experienced team of interior design experts, then you need to look no further than Oaktree Interiors. For more information on the benefits that our services can provide to your business, please don't hesitate to get in touch on 0118 979 6600.

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