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We are extremely pleased to announce that we have been awarded an office design and build contract by Gilson Scientific for their brand-new facility based at Woodside Industrial Estate in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The project will consist of a fit out of a 12,000 sqft multi-purpose facility, consisting of office, laboratory and warehouse space. We are very much looking forward to carrying out this intriguing project, with work due to commence from mid-November.

When it comes to carrying out new office builds and relocations in London and the South of England, we are proud to say that we are industry-leaders. This is due, in no small part, to our knowledgeable and passionate team that are able to deliver the perfect office space for businesses of any type. Our vast and knowledgeable experience has been gained by helping hundreds of businesses to improve their workplaces, giving them a great platform to be the best they can be. As we know, a good facility will produce a happy and more productive workforce. If you would like to see many examples of our experience and versatility when it comes to office design, please see our testimonials.

How our proposal won the contract

The process began with an initial presentation to the directors of the company, which encompassed our experience, expertise and our vision of their perfect facility. Due to the quality of our presentation, we were successful in being selected as one of two office interior design companies that they wished to enter the proposal stage with.

After undertaking a site survey of the new building, our project and design team met with each department of the company to discuss their individual requirements for their particular working areas. From the information we collected, our team were able to build a comprehensive design proposal, based on the company's current and potential needs.

Once we submitted our concept proposal, the company passed the final decision onto their staff, giving every employee a vote on which design they felt gave them the confidence to deliver what was required for their own working needs. In the end, the proposal submitted by Oaktree Interiors was chosen for the design and build project.

From the moment we clinched the contract, we started working with the company to understand what each department requires in finer detail, so we will be ready to start work on the site from mid-November.

A world-leading brand

Gilson Scientific Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of liquid handling equipment. Their product range includes the renowned Pipetman brand of Pipettes, as well as a wide range of automated and complex handling and measuring devices.

The Company began life in the 1940's when Dr Warren Gilson, a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin, designed and developed specialised medical instruments. By the early 1950's, Gilson was developing devices such as oxygraphs and physiological recorders. As time went on, their product focus moved from designing specialised equipment, to automation instrumentation and chromatography systems for markets that dealt with drug discovery, proteomics and genomics.

Due to its continued and sustained success, the company expanded their operations around the world and today Gilson Scientific are a leading supplier of pipettes to the UK pharmaceutical industry. Other industries that use Gilson's pipettes include the food, beverage, environmental, clinical and forensic markets.

Gilson's brand-new office design and build

The company is currently located in Luton, just outside the town centre and close to the town's mainline railway station. As such, this location makes it ideal for residential redevelopment, which falls in line with the local council's long-term investment and regeneration programme for the area. As the council owns the current building, they have informed Gilson Scientific that their current lease would not be renewed when it expires in early 2017.

A forced relocation is always going to result in a major upheaval for any business. Despite this, Gilson have taken the news as a great opportunity for them to create a brand-new, bespoke environment that suits the business and reflects how much it has grown and developed over the years.

With many local authorities looking to redevelop commercial properties, companies like Gilson will find it increasingly more difficult to be able to fine specialist properties in which to operate. With almost 30 years of experience designing and building bespoke office spaces, we are able to show how anybuilding can be redesigned to fit how the company want it to operate. For example, whilst the initial mix of an office-to-warehouse configuration did not exactly fit the requirements of Gilson, the addition of a new mezzanine floor and conversion of warehouse space into further office and laboratory space has allowed us to design the ideal facility for them.

Once we install the new mezzanine floor, this will signal the start for all our in-house trades to carry out their work on the building. This work will include the installation of brand-new data, electrical, mechanical and ventilation systems. Further interior work will include:

  • Installation of varying partition systems that not only creates modern workspaces but also allows visitors to view the laboratories at work and abides by the company's exacting regulations.
  • The installation of new racking systems in the warehouse , which make for a more-organised and safe environment.
  • Design of new collaborative spaces such a new reception, kitchen, offices, as well as breakout, meeting and product demonstration rooms. All aspects of these new spaces are designed with how each department work with one another in mind.

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