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We are proud to work with a diverse range of great clients. One project, we could be working with an electronics company to design a call centre; the next, we could be helping to design a comfortable workspace for a firm of lawyers.

We have recently been given the green light to carry out office refurbishment for a company called Foundation IT. Located at Easter Park, Silchester, Reading, the goal of this office refurbishment project is to ensure that the workplace and office environment reflected the company's brand and values. Whilst also providing a modern office environment for members of staff to work in.

Who Are Foundation IT?

Foundation IT have many years of experience of building IT Infrastructure solutions for its customers. Some of their services include, Disaster Recovery, Back Up & Data Protection, Managed Services, Networking, IT Security, Server Virtualisation, and WAN Optimisation. Foundation IT are passionate about innovative technology, which helps organisations in all industries move forward with a technology that is robust and odes not cost the earth.

They have a wealth of expreience in building custom IT infrastructure solutions, and their passion and enthusiasm is as strong today as it ever was. So if you require an IT infrastructure revamp visit their website www.foundation-it.com

Foundation IT's Office Refurbishment In Silchester, Reading; Berkshire

Oaktree Interiors' minor works team are assisting Foundation IT with their office refurbishment project at their Silchester Office. We arehelping to create an open plan office coupled with cellular offices / meeting rooms to deliver the required infrastructure setup and office layout.

The task was to come up with a design that is practical, modern and works in accordance with Foundation's ethics and business approach. Using the experience we have amassed over years of creating custom office designs, we were able to draw upon all the skills we have in house and create a fantastic design, which was demonstrated using the latest CGI technology where we created life like 3D layouts.

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