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In the past, organising an office layout was simply a matter of where the desks were positioned, but this is no longer the case. Office design affects the way that people work, relate to each other, and even how customers view your company. Here are a few things worth bearing in mind when designing a new office space.

Closed or Open Plan Office Design?

One of the first decisions you will have to make is whether to have closed offices or an open plan layout.

Closed offices where every employee has their own room or area gives workers more privacy than an open plan layout. Some find they can work much better this way, without any interruptions or distractions. However, some believe that closed offices promote individualism and therefore decrease the efficiency of a team. Working in an open plan environment can often encourage mutual support and co-operation, helping staff to communicate and engage with each other more efficiently.

Spacing The Desks

Making the most of the space available can be one of the most important aspects of creating a productive office, particularly when space is limited, and it is vital to take into account the need for personal space. Many people find it off-putting if they think that others can overhear their phone calls or read over their shoulders, which can lead to a negative impact on staff morale and performance. How you arrange the desks will affect how employees communicate with each other, so putting them too far apart could discourage interaction and conversation. It is also important to think about how the desk layout will affect the overall atmosphere in the office.

Make Room for Privacy

In an open office, one of the biggest challenges is balancing openness and transparency with the need for privacy. Putting workstations in a staggered rather than face-to-face layout can help people to avoid feeling like they are being constantly watched. Ensuring that there is adequate personal space around each employee and not overcrowding tables also helps to keep workers relaxed.

Pay Attention to the Details With Your Office Layout

Noise levels can often be important in a working environment, and having relaxing music can sometimes improve productivity. Maintaining temperature can also have an effect, as studies have shown that the ideal working temperature is 22° C, and once over this, productivity steeply decreases. The colours of the walls can also have effect; glossy paint can reflect light and lead to headaches and distraction. Finally, making room for relaxation can be one of the biggest factors, and having regular breaks is necessary to keep your brain working at its best.

There is far more to office design than simply arranging where the desks lie when it comes to getting the highest level of performance out of your employees. At Oaktree Interiors we can work with you to create an office that is optimally designed for the requirements of your business and your employees. Our talented team are always happy to offer professional services and advice. We build stunning commercial interiors which have received praise from our clients across the UK and in Europe.

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