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As time has progressed, more and more millennials have joined the workforce and they have brought with them an understanding of how the office environment can be improved. The plain-looking office space, with four walls and a door impeding social interaction collaboration, is done.

As many of these millennials were educated in a collaborative, informal environment, they work more efficiently in a similar atmosphere and an increasing number of business are taking advantage of this preference in their office refurbishments in London and across the country.

What Are The Features Of Millennial Office Design?

There is an increased understanding amongst younger workers that showing up to work and staying rigidly in one spot is less important than just getting the work done and with the advances of technology, fewer and fewer roles need a dedicated spot to work from.

By providing laptops in place of desktops, your employees are free to roam around the office, doing their work wherever they are the most comfortable. Though to many pre-millennial businesses it may seem counter-intuitive to allow such a free work ethic for your employees, a more relaxed environment translates in a more productive workforce, particularly those engaged in creative endeavours.

Teamwork is also becoming increasingly important within the office environment. The additional freedoms offered by laptops and an open-plan office design encourage movement and collaboration, with many employees able to interact directly with each other, instead of having to correspond through the stifling office email system or have to talk to them over the foreboding desk.

One of the best ways to think of modern office design, particularly if you are about to engage in office refurbishment in London, or any other big city, is to consider your workplace more like a social hub than a stereotypical office environment. It is a place where collaboration is encouraged and new ideas are allowed to grow with the input of various departmental specialists, rather than an idea be confined to one area of the office.

What Are The Main Advantages Of A Millennial-Friendly Office Design?

  • Increased Interactivity Between Employees – The wide-open, collaborative spaces which Millennials work the best in promote interactivity between various sections of your company.

    With a greater synergy between departments and individual employees, as well as your workers being able to see that everyone else is as engaged in their work as they are, the productivity of your business can only increase.
  • Healthy Workers = More Productive Workers – By encouraging your employees to move around more often, you are not only increasing their physical health, but helping them to remain mentally active during work.

    It has been proven that remaining in the one seat for more than an hour severely limits the creativity and motivation of a worker and, whilst tradition dictates that a worker needs to have their own private space, the rocketing increase in contemporary office productivity proves that our parents may not have known best.
  • Increased Worker Retention And Company Loyalty – Keeping your workforce happy and contented with their workplace is important in ensuring that you keep them on your payroll.

    With the current war for talented employees, ensuring that you keep the loyalty of valuable workers is more important than ever, and an efficient, Millennial-Friendly office refurbishment in London might be just the thing needed to keep hold of necessary specialist workers.

Engaging Millennials With An Efficient Office Design

Contemporary office design is much more challenging than it has been in the past, as professional designers need to understand the needs of their clients and create an office environment which encourages genuine interaction between employees and a relaxed atmosphere to encourage workers to increasingly high levels of productivity, without sacrificing the enjoyment of their work.

At Oaktree Interiors, we offer personalised and bespoke office design services and office refurbishment in London, with the aim of improving your business' personality and your employee's work enjoyment.

With more than 30 years' of experience in office refurbishment, we work to ensure that your business can offer employees a comfortable and encouraging workspace within which they can share ideas and naturally increase their productivity.

For more information, visit us, call us on 0845 474 3556 or email our friendly and knowledgeable support staff at help@oaktreeoffice.com.

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