leadforensics Paperless Office Refurbishment Completed For Dutch Energy Company

Making huge leaps forward in innovative office refurbishment, Dutch energy company Decos have reinvented the idea of an environmentally friendly office by completely distancing themselves from paper of any sort. So far reaching is Decos' dedication that their brand new office even boasts slanted walls to act, not merely as decoration, but as a symbol of the company's dedication to their new paperless personality.

A Completely Paperless Office Refurbishment

The firm itself has stated that 'we do not need cabinets. We work at flex-stations in open office gardens with glass partitions', showing that, although they've moved completely beyond paper, they're still taking advantage of some of the very best contemporary office refurbishment techniques alongside their immense shift from physical to digital.

No doubt you'll be thinking that this transition is somewhat extreme and, of course, you'd be right! Decos is completely getting away from the established conventions of the office, to the extent that even business cards are banned and that even any post Decos receives is turned away at the door.

Office Refurbishment

This energy company demands nothing more than complete digital communication and reliance, clearly attempting to pull the rest of the world along with their innovative and futuristic design.

Based in the town of Noordwijk, located in the western side of the Netherlands, all of Decos' energy is supplied by a nearby wind turbine park and all company cars are either electrical or a hybrid of both electrical and gas-powered vehicles. However, that isn't the most outlandish design concept they've integrated into their company.

As part of their energy efficient, completely green office refurbishment, Decos has done away with toilet paper and tissues and has, instead, taken advantage of Geberit Aqua Clean 'Shower Toilets'; a blend between a traditional toilet and a bidet.

Covering almost 30,000 square feet, which translates to around 2,540 square meters and costing Decos more than €2.8 Million (£2.2M) to complete, this is one office refurbishment which has completely gone beyond the imagination of most businesses and proven that, sometimes, radical changes in office design are necessary in order to innovate and shake up the zeitgeist.

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