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The modern world of business has evolved in a thousand ways over the past twenty or so years – as technology has continued to become more and more integral to our daily lives, and attitudes towards traditional businesses have changed, starting a business can be a much simpler and quicker process than ever before.

It's easy, when you're just starting out, to imagine that your entire business will just be yourself and your two or three friends in a cramped space and typing away at your personal laptops. This can be the ideal set up for most start ups, and work to make more businesses a success as their operating costs are kept low.

However, continued success inevitably requires growth – meaning more employees and an effective workplace to keep your start up momentum at peak position. Remaining flexible is essential for modern small businesses, but choosing an office design in London which will effectively allow your company the space and the opportunity to grow is essential.

Growth And Flexibility

When it comes time to design your office, you need to ensure that the potential for growth is kept in mind at all times. Whilst you might be tempted, particularly if this is your first office space, to go for a small, compact space which can only seat one or two more employees than you already have, this can severely hamper your growth – particularly if you are tied into the office space by a long contract.

As much as you might want to, you'll never be able to see into the future of your industry. What if a huge contract falls into your lap and you can't accept it, or complete it to the standard that you might like, simply because you don't have the space to take on new employees?

You need to ensure that your work space reflects your current needs, but has the potential to meet your requirements in the near future. Finding the ideal workspace can be difficult, but remember to look for slightly more space than you need. Even if you don't intend to grow in the immediate future, the space can be used for a breakout area or just reduce the risk of “cabin-fever" developing in your office.

Technology And Growth

When you're planning for growth, it's essential to ensure that your existing IT systems will be able to support your company as it continues to grow. It isn't always possible, but keeping a free-flowing and flexible technology culture in your office – for example, using laptops instead of desktops – can also help you to more fluidly adapt to a growing company and to make the most of every square inch of office space that you have available.

Although it can be an upfront cost (if your employees are unwilling to use their personal mobile devices) it can result in some great advantages further down the line.

Your Office Furniture

In the new world of incredible technology, it can be tempting to ignore the advantages offered by simple furniture in your office. Whilst beanbags and couches might be the best option for you and your friends in the early days of your start up, you will need to offer desks and comfortable seating as your business continues to grow.

Choosing the right kind of furniture - which can be moved around your office space and fitted together in different ways - can be a huge bonus and save you a lot of money in the long run. A good option are double down benches which can be used as both project spaces and lunch tables, as well as being used as effective dividers of space.

Office Design In London, From Oaktree Interiors

If you're looking for office design in London to help your business grow, you needn't look any further than the dedicated service on offer at Oaktree Interiors. Future proofing your office design, technology and furniture is hugely importance to the future of your business.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 0118 979 6600.

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