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Whilst it's a great sign of success – the need to expand your workforce could lead to a headache when it comes to catering for new employees in your office interiors. Sometimes, this issue is treated by squeezing in chairs and desks, or by moving things about to create space. Sometimes, it isn't treated at all and the business suffers as a result of not being able to meet the demand.

When the issue of expansion occurs, you should always consider refurbishing your office interiors. In terms of an office refurbishment in Hackney, if you think about the many problems caused by an office that is too small to cater for its ideal workforce – whether it's losing business through not having enough hands on deck, to staff suffering because of a lack of available space – then the investment made in creating new interiors would pay itself back extremely quickly.

Office Refurbishment In Hackney, From Oaktree Interiors.

No matter if it's creating new office interiors in Berkshire, undertaking an office relocation in Hertfordshire or carrying out an office refurbishment in Hackney (and throughout London), Oaktree Interiors has 'been there and done that' when it comes to all things 'office fit out'.

Our 30 years of experience in the office fit out industry has seen us create unique workspaces for a wide range of clients, regardless of their personal requirements, location, size or type of business. So if you're interested in expanding your current operation, please read on for some expert office fit out advice:

Aspects To Think About When Expanding Your Office.

The key word to look out for when it comes to modern office design is 'flexibility'. The demands on the modern office has created this requirement. Whether it's to allow for employees to vary their working location from the collaborative open office design to a more private environment, or if the business requires to use certain spaces for different events, being flexible will make best use of the space available. As such, here are some aspects of your office to think about, if you are indeed interested in undertaking an office refurbishment in Hackney:

  • The Available Space. How much space do I need? This is the most obvious question that you'll ponder when thinking about expanding your current office fit out. It goes without saying that you cannot plan for anything unless you know how much available space you have and how you can transform it to best suit your plans. Think about your floor space first; how many employees work on each floor, how many desks, computers and other tech is required? Can you find ways of making these things more flexible? Do you really need inflexible, fixed furniture? Don't forget the need for space to be around each of these things too – too little space would only leave people feeling 'penned in' and frustrated.
  • The Furniture. To touch on this more; the furniture you install should be of paramount importance. After all, your employees will be sat using it all day long and it, of course, will have more of a bearing on their wellbeing and comfort, than the very-latest television or audio system. With so much technology at our disposal today, it can be easy to invest more in that – when in reality, it's the furniture that should be given priority.

    Investing in ergonomic furniture will help any employee to adjust their furniture according to their natural height and shape, creating a bespoke environment for them to go about their work in a comfortable manner. In terms of desks – why not go for flexible, adjustable shapes that, along with seating, can be fit together in different ways, providing you with a whole range of options when it comes to changing them up for any occasion in which you need them to be flexible.
  • The Need For Communication. Another vital aspect of your office design that the furniture plays a massive part in, is the communication aspect of your office floor. Open plan office design is well-known for its abilities to promote communication amongst co-workers – but what about those times when you need peace and quiet? A flexible office refurbishment in Hackney takes this conundrum into account and makes allowances for it – whether it's introducing partitioning onto desks, or creating new spaces away from the noise of collaboration.
  • New Tech. One of the factors of why our workspaces are needing to be more flexible, is of course through technology. Wireless communication allows us to go about our work pretty much anywhere with an internet connection – which creates a number of different options for our office designs. As mentioned above, those quiet zones in office spaces have only become a reality in some offices, simply because wireless technology doesn't require the need for any extra cabling or server installations – freeing up space that would normally be required to wire things up.
  • Future Expansion. The fact that you're considering an expansion now, should really open you up to the idea of even more expansion in the future. Any good office refurbishment in Hackney (or anywhere, really!) takes this into account – the more flexible your office space is, the more likely it is able to meet the future demands placed on your business.

How About A Relocation?

Sometimes, an expansion of the current office interiors simply isn't possible. So why let your business suffer? Here at Oaktree Interiors, many of our past clients have relocated their business, citing an expansion as the reason. Sometimes, there may be more reasons at play – such as a more favourable location or better leasing options. Whatever the reasons, there's no doubting that a brand-new office refurbishment in Hackney would create the perfect, flexible workplace for your business – one that will place your business in better ground, from which to grow.

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