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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are extremely proud of our ability to work to tight deadlines without having to compromise in terms of end-project quality. Our professional team of workspace interior designers love nothing more than a good challenge, and there are few things more challenging than a project involving complete office design in Reading and an extremely limited project timescale.

That is one of the reasons that we were delighted when Cleaver Property Management asked us to undertake their latest office refurbishment project, with the entire operation needing to be completed before Christmas!

Who Are Cleaver Property Management?

CPM is an independent agency, with a focus on putting the right people in touch with specialist residential property for a variety of purposes. As part their comprehensive service, they regularly work in our local area of Reading and Berkshire, meaning that we were already aware of their agency before they asked us to discuss their forthcoming office relocation.

Established in 1993, CPM prides itself on a high-quality customer service and much of their custom arrives following recommendations for previous clients. Primarily, the company provides a property management service to multi-tenanted properties, including freehold and leasehold properties.

The Planning Of CPM's Office Design In Reading!

CPM invited the Oaktree team to talk about their project requirements relating to their upcoming office move earlier this summer. Once we had spoken to them, we visited their new premises in Wokingham, and undertook a few surveys and planning exercises to re-affirm the suitability of the property.

Once we were confident that the new property could actually meet CPM's demands as a business, we began to produce detailed floor-plans and potential designs for the property management agency to consider.

After a few minor adjustments to place the office design in reading more in-line with the requirements of this unique business, CPM accepted the plans and we received the official letter of instruction.

Cleaver Property Management's Office Interior Fit Out!

The major constraint with this project was time. With only 4 weeks to completely re-shape the office space they were planning on moving into, we couldn't afford to make any mistakes during the entire process. Cleaver's team needed to be in their office before Christmas, 2015, and our professional team of fit-out experts had to pull out all of their “fast-track" skills in order to get the project completed to an unbeatable standard in the allotted time.

Longevity is particularly important when it comes to office interior design, and we couldn't afford to leave the client with a substandard end-product which would end up costing them more after only a few months or years. CPM's latest office space is designed to withstand the stresses of the future and provide the company ample room to grow, should they require it.

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