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When you're crammed together 8 hours a day in the office, in an environment that is uncomfortable and unwelcoming, distractions tend to arise and productivity isn't as high as it probably should be.

The Brody Workstation

Distractions could arise from being in close proximity to others, not having access to the correct equipment or personal items aren't within reach or sight. A way of improving things is by looking at your office interiors, and considering such questions as - Is my office a warm and welcoming place? Are we as productive as we should be?

One aspect to combating an uncomfortable office environment is looking at the office's workstations and chairs. Here, we're going to look at one recent innovation in particular, which is designed to stop distractions and offer users a calming atmosphere at work.

The Brody (meaning 'body' and 'brain') is a pod-like workstation made by Steelcase that is shielded from view by screens on three sides, dependent upon the model. The design allows for quite a bit of space for the user to operate in and is intended to be a calming influence because of the way it blocks out 'outside' distractions.

They allows the user to work in an environment of their own, one that they will feel comfortable in, which will then allow their work and productivity to flow and improve. The workstation has space and compartments to keep power sockets and personal effects visible to the user - this has been proven to make someone less anxious when they can see them and know that they're there when they're busy at work.

When it comes to office chairs, researchers have noted that people tend to switch postures frequently – some people like to recline when they focus, but this will see them looking at their screen from an odd position, which will only strain their neck and shoulders. Steelcase have designed the workstation with a soft, wide seat to support a new posture named 'alert recline' – which helps to keep a users body more vertical.

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