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With the consistent innovation of relevant technologies and the integration of Wi-Fi, 3G and Cloud services into everyday business life, there is no reason why the traditional office environment needs to, necessarily, exist at all.

Truly Innovative Office Design

A fixed location for the storage of information and a personal area from within which work can be completed could, technically, be ignored all together in favour of futuristic office design which promotes the individual's needs over that of the company's.

The integration of this technology into the world of business has created an almost hyperactive culture, within which sudden fortunes, inventions which explode in popularity before fading away and products/entire companies appearing and disappearing in the blink of an eye.

Second Home, a former carpet factory located just off the edge of Brick Lane in Eastern London, describes itself as a 'new type of workspace and creative hub', and a place where 'fast-growing creative companies' can move in and move out whenever they need to.

Rather than demanding long commitments from businesses which might come together and break apart as the need for their products grows or wanes. Consisting of two floors, which stretch from one end of the block to the other, the boundaries of the separate workspaces within the building are defined by curving, transparent walls which reflect the distinctions between one company and another.

The tenants Second Home tend to be younger alternative businesses, such as the politically charged Rooster Punk, which defines itself as a 'storytelling agency for technology brands', who 'believe in business as a force for good'.

The Features Of Second Home As Office Design

Unlike most business buildings, which might feature a canteen and are closed to non-personnel, Second Home also boasts a restaurant/cafe which is also open to the public. A large, traditional style steel meeting table can be lowered for those all important business meetings but, for the most part, remains suspended in the air to allow more space for other activities.

With an attached 'roaming zone' and a 'hanging garden'; shared spaces in which any involved business' employees can wander to relax and recharge their creative energy, Second Home is also operated as a popular venue, featuring lectures from scientists, industry leaders, parties, film screenings and, rarely, live music events.

Rohan Silva, one of the founders of Second Home and a previous technology advisor to David Cameron, explained that 'We believe in something simple, which is that good things happen when people and companies collide. It happens in cities, but it doesn't usually happen inside office buildings'.

The furnishings avoid uniformity, boasting an impressive collection of classic and vintage furniture from all across Europe Potted plants are to be found everywhere, growing from soilless hydroponic conditions and kept healthy with the help of a 'plant hospital'.

Reconnecting with nature is one of the most important components of Second Home, and Silva describes the entire complex as 'Biophilic', adding that 'cities are full of fractal complexity and nature is too. It is incredible conducive to well-being'.

A combination of architecture left over from the 60's and contemporary office design strategies, including activity-focused workspaces and easy manoeuvrability, Second Home has carved out its own niche in the modern world of business and office design by being quite like nowhere else on earth.

An Effective Format Of Office Design?

Whilst perhaps not effective for large-scale, long-term businesses, Second Home is perfect at what it does; supplying small companies with efficient and creative workspaces for the length of time that they need them.

Second Home provides an atmosphere of rebellious freedom from the established conventions of office design and, as such, massively appeals to younger businesses which may not need an extensive, long-lasting physical presence.

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