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Occasionally, we'll come across office refurbishments that really make us impressed. In the cultural hubs of the UK, there are dozens of offices that really cause people to take a step back and spend a moment just appreciating the sheer uniqueness of their design.

Whilst some of the most famous office designs are in other countries, such as Google's offices in California and New York, Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco and Seattle and the new LinkedIn offices in the Empire State Building, there are fantastic office designs here in the UK as well!

Manchester is increasingly becoming one of the most office-friendly cities in the world, with areas like Deansgate catering to rapidly growing businesses and their employees. However, a new competitor has entered the fray, looking for the title of Manchester's Coolest Office!

The Most Unique Office Refurbishment In Manchester?

Rentalcars.com, an online car rental service, looks to be vying for the accolade of the north-western city's coolest workspace after a recent refurbishment. The company spent an astonishing £2.7 million on the project, which saw them move to a building just off of the popular Piccadilly Gardens area.

Coinciding with its tenth birthday, the company now occupies more than 38,000 square foot of office floor. Of course, it isn't the size of the office that makes it phenomenal, but the unique themes that each floor boasts. Each theme is related, in some way, to motoring, as is to be expected for a car rental company.

Floor themes include road trip, cars from around the world, drive-in movie theatres and a metropolis! What makes it even more amazing, is that each floor features a number of unique and quirky meeting rooms to keep staff and visitors energised. Meeting room themes include James Bond, Las Vegas, Back To The Future, and one is even dedicated to Manchester itself!

Modern Office Refurbishment Techniques

This office refurbishment takes advantage of the latest and most innovative office design strategies, whilst approaching them with a unique twist. It features numerous break-out areas, including a Starbucks Bar, interior swings and a pool table in a car. Perhaps most amazingly of all, it even boasts its own beach on the top floor, complete with beach huts and colourful parasols!

With fantastic views over the unique and vibrant city, the office also serves free breakfast for all staff, as well as hot food and a healthy salad bar.

This office space features more than 350 members of staff, whom have relocated from Sunlight House on Quay Street, and the CEO of Rentalcars.com has said that they are 'proud to be anything but ordinary'.

Unique Office Refurbishment Across The UK, From Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we aren't fazed when we come across an office design like this one; we're inspired! Our dedicated team are always overjoyed to see a business create a truly unique office culture and enjoy an atmosphere which increases their employee's productivity and workplace satisfaction!

We love it when a business really requires something unique, particularly when a CEO fully encourages the experimentation of office design. If you're looking for the very best office refurbishment, in Manchester, London or anywhere else in the UK, then you need to get in touch with our team today on 0118 979 66000118 979 6600. Or, if you prefer, you can email us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com!

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