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Often overlooked as a unique location to express a business' identity, law office design is becoming increasingly recognised as an art form by many industry professionals. In the past, law firms have had to create dark, serious atmospheres to convey the severity of their job.

By combining modern office design strategies, with traditional goals and attitudes, law firms can be bright, open and airy, without sacrificing their gravitas.

The Art Of Contemporary Law Office Design

Much like other types of offices, law firms are starting to take advantage of the best office interiors to encourage a more positive and productive work environment. Unlike many other offices, however, law firms are a client-heavy location. Unfortunately, this means that many lawyers feel that they cannot alter the preconceived notions of their workspace in case it fails to impress their clients.

A great design will work to increase collaboration amongst lawyers and support staff, whilst also making many jobs within the office easier, and work to create a fresh and modern space to improve employee and client disposition.

Though they have been moving this way for years, many lawyers are spending more and more time attached to their computers without being able to adapt as other offices have. This can create a feeling of segregation from their colleagues. It has also caused a once heavily peer-interactive industry to produce less in the way of meaningful interaction, which has affected many aspects of 'on-the-job' education.

Paul McCarthy, the executive committee president of Rhoades McKee, said that “When I first started, for your first two or three years, every lawyer pretty much started in the library. There were other lawyers in the library. They might be a year ahead, or three years ahead or a few years behind you. There was a lot of learning that went on in that environment."

“Once everything became electronic and available at your fingertips on your computer screen, the library wasn't really occupied by anyone. Lawyers were just in their offices. In that process, you lose the ability to learn and enhance your own arguments based on the ideas of those other people when you were able to spit-ball across a library table."

Personalising Your Law Firm's Office Space

Although technology has made many processes more efficient, it has often removed the human element from a workplace. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we understand that the personality behind an office space is just as important as the physical design.

The inclusion of flexible workspaces, with easy access to charging points and multiple seating options, can help to reintroduce the communicative atmosphere that many law firms are missing. By replacing personalised offices with various meeting rooms, you can help to create an open and exciting atmosphere, with everyone working in the same environment.

Encouraging employees to work together enhances the client's outcome and creates a much more enjoyable working environment for everyone else involved.

Make The Most Of Modern Office Design Features, With Oaktree Interiors

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have extensive experience in creating entirely bespoke office designs for a wide range of companies and requirements. We ensure that our clients come away with the very best workspace that they can require, and we are proud to see our designs improving the attitudes of office employees and the productivity of businesses as a whole.

For more information, please contact Oaktree Interiors today on 0118 979 6600 or email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com!

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