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Here at Oaktree Interiors we are specialists in Office Refurbishment, with over 30 years of experience in designing and making the perfect office spaces for a variety of differing businesses - we have our fingers very much on the pulse of modern-day business trends.

Lighting Controls

We can assist you by designing the perfect office that you require and are able to offer advice on how to continue to get the best out of your office environment. Office Refurbishment can help to create a more productive work area and even attract new clients.

Lighting your office space is a major factor in creating a good working environment for everyone. With government legislation now designed to keep energy usage down, there are ways in which you can do so – and save even more money in the process!

LED lighting and using diffusers are a good way to bring light into any office space, but what if there's nobody around? I'm sure at some point we've all accidentally left a light on and forgot about it – this is just a licence to print money for the energy companies! A great way of combating this is to install a lighting control in your office space.

With occupancy controls, such as infrared sensors, lights are able to be switched off whenever someone (or everyone) leaves the room. Infrared sensors work by detecting heat movement and switch off the lights when no heat movement in the office is detected. Other occupancy controls include ultrasonic and microwave sensors, which work similarly by emitting waves to look for any changing movements – when there isn't any detected, it assume nobody is around and switches the lights off.

Alongside occupancy sensors, daylight sensors are also useful with the task of operating the lighting controls. If the weather is bright outside of the building – then the lights won't switch on, leaving natural light to engulf your office space. When it's gloomy outside – they'll automatically switch on. This offers you a good balance of keeping natural light and switching to artificial light when needed. To top it off – it saves you money!

Oaktree Interiors; Creating The Perfect Office For You!

If you're interested in an office refurbishment for your company, then Oaktree Interiors are right for you! All we need is your view on your business, your philosophy and aims and we will familiarise ourselves with them and design the perfect working environment for you. We manage the project with the least disruption, build to the highest standard and uphold our promise to deliver on time and within budget.

For more information on our office refurbishment solutions, please don't hesitate to get into contact with a member of our customer service team by e-mailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling on 0845 474 3556.

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