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An evolving brand identity is part of any successful modern business, but it can be difficult to ensure that your workplace keeps up with your company in terms of corporate imagery. That is the issue that Canterbury Travel had when it came time to refurbish its existing office space.

As experts at office design in London, our team were extremely excited to begin work as soon as they saw Canterbury Travel's office location and existing layout. We were dedicated to creating an environment which might effectively reflect the evolving needs of the business.

Who Are Canterbury Travel?

As a family-owned business, Canterbury Travel has been offering holidays to Lapland for more than 35 years. Still located in its original office, in Northwood, the business has grown to become the UK's leading operator for holidays to Lapland. The offices themselves occupy two connected high-street fronted retail stores, and this unique layout was what excited our office interior designers the most.

Our team quickly provided Canterbury Travel with a proposal, which they then accepted.

Our Office Refurbishment Proposal

Our proposal included the knocking-down of the main dividing wall between the two spaces towards the rear of the building. This also enabled us to provide better facilities for the staff themselves, including a new breakout area, an effective kitchen designs along with shower facilities.

Although they were one of our main areas of concern, the staff were not the only contributing factor to our final design. We were focused on reconfiguring the reservations department and ensuring that the employees could communicate much more effectively. We even decided to include a completely new manager's office, a meeting room and a stylish display area.

We also took care to ensure that the entire property was re-carpeted throughout, along with a new ceiling to really breathe new life into the older office space. With the same goal in mind, we also ensured that all lighting was modernised throughout the workplace, making it a much brighter and more enjoyable place to work and visit. We made it a priority to include new furniture and effective storage solutions throughout the office, to combat the major problems it had suffered before our refurbishment.

The decor that we provided was themed around Lapland, to effectively reflect the business' brand identity, and a refurbished fireplace in the breakout area completed the warm aesthetic feel that we wanted to create for this family-owned business.

Office Design In London, From Oaktree Interiors

We have helped hundreds of businesses like Canterbury Travel to realise their brand identity in their office environments, and we could do the same for your office environment. We took steps to ensure that the company could remain operational around our refurbishment efforts.

For more information on what our office design in London could do to personalise your workspace, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and specialised team on 0118 979 6600.

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