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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we specialise in designing Office Interiors in London and advising on how to make your office a more productive environment.

Why Is It Important To Choose The Right Office Furniture?

A worker spends an average of 8 hours a day in the office and spending a long period of time in an environment which isn't welcoming or comfortable won't make for a good working atmosphere and productivity will ultimately go down and not be at the level it should be.

A great way to improve the mood of an office space is by improving the furniture – having to work in an uncomfortable office will only bring the mood and productivity down. So with this in mind, here is why it's important to get it right when choosing your office furniture:

  1. Worker Wellbeing – Poor-quality office furniture will lead to a worker being uncomfortable and potentially cause injury due to their poor posture. Investing in quality office equipment, such as reclining chairs, is a must – when people feel more comfortable with themselves and their surroundings, their concentration and productivity levels will increase.
  2. Making An Impression – Having good-quality furniture is a must, but a secondary plus is that it helps if your furniture looks good, which will make your office look brighter and more attractive to workers and potential clients alike. Using colours such as blue, green and neutrals are considered trendy amongst office workers.
  3. Creating Space – New types of furniture tend to be more flexible and can be fitted into an office of any size, giving a worker enough space to work AND it also helps to create more space within the office.
  4. Organisation – It can be difficult to organize your desk at times - modern furniture makes concessions for whatever equipment the modern-day office requires. For example, desks will contain compartments for any computer equipment, wireless technologies and other general office equipment. This will help the worker to a) know where everything is and b) prevent any potential health and safety issues if anything finds its way onto the floor!

Oaktree Interiors – Experts In Improving Office Interiors In London

At Oaktree Interiors we ensure that your business and employee needs are balanced as we can create the perfect working environment for you. Our experience puts us in a position where we know how certain design decisions can improve an office's productivity.

We like to work closely with you and once we understand what the objectives of your business are, can we can start to work on your project. Our office refurbishment services include undertaking a thorough study of your workplace and making recommendations for changes.

For further information about our fantastic design of office interiors in London, please don't hesitate to get into contact with a member of our customer service team by emailing hello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling on 0845 474 3556.

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