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Sometimes, the mere mention of a 'workplace' will produce an image of a monotonous, indoor existence that is so far removed from the real world that it becomes distracting and uninspiring for the people within it. This kind of design will just lead to disconnection and an eventual downturn in productivity and the quality of work produced.

With such barriers, office design professionals work with businesses to incorporate more of a 'real world feel' in their office spaces. As a leading provider of office interiors in Reading, we too subscribe to the importance for some businesses to introduce Biophilic design into their workplaces.

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have spent over 30 years creating bespoke office environments for businesses throughout the South East. No matter the size, type or budget of the business, we have a proven track record of implementing an office design that has provided a huge boost to their business. Whether they need new office interiors in Reading to increase the creativity of the workforce, or an office relocation in Westminster to impress clients in order to close those important business deals. No matter your circumstances, we can guarantee that we will be able to meet all your requirements and more. Read on to see how Biophilic design can benefit a business:

What is Biophilic Design?

Biophilia – which basically means a 'love of nature' – is the practice of focusing our attraction to nature and the processes it produces. It says that we all have some sort of genetic connection to nature which has existed for millions of years before we were born (in fact, sorry to break it to you but we are all products of nature ourselves!)

The term was brought into the wider public fore by psychologist Edward O. Wilson in the 1980's, during his observations of how the increasing rate of urbanisation has affected our planet and the way we live, leading to a disconnection with nature. After 30+ years of further urbanisation, these observations are more apt than ever.

With a continuing high rate of urbanisation around the world, the need to bestow a sense of nature in the areas where we live and work has never been so important. Biophilic design introduces a sense of health and wellbeing into our built-up environments, with the introduction of natural elements such as plants, lighting, air conditioning and temperature control. Thanks to modern office design methods, many businesses requiring new office interiors in Reading even choose to create a natural outdoor environment in their office building.

How Can Bestowing Biophilia on The Office Help My Business?

If you've ever seen a film 'set in the future' that was made more than 50 years ago, then the future that they portray normally sees our living areas consisting of tight spaces, with vast white walls. Living in this future as we do now – we know that prediction not to be true! If anything, workplaces have grown from simply being a shell of a building, into a multi-functional environment that caters for every aspect of the working day – from the comfort of the staff to the introduction of the latest technology, in order for work to be completed quickly and to a much higher standard. Biophilia is one such method of bringing office interiors in Reading into the true modern day.

The introduction of natural elements through Biophilic design can help with:

  • Stress Reduction. With a natural environment reflecting the outside, rather than creating a fake environment that simply spells 'work', it can help to reduce stress and a whole other range of negative reactions (such as anxiety, fatigue, anger, depression etc).
  • Creativity Increase. As the environment is in-tune with nature, it will provide a calming and inspiring existence for your employees. Nobody finds bland walls all painted the same colour inspiring – if you're able to create an inspiring environment, as offered by Biophilic design, then you'll be halfway to producing some great work.
  • Less Sickness Leave. Thanks to the environment offered being one that staff will feel comfortable and well in, then it will lead to less sickness and absence. Not only that – but if the staff actually enjoy their environment, they'll enjoy their work and as a result, talented individuals would want to stay at the company.
  • Quality of Air. One of the biggest complaints of the average office is that it is 'too hot' or 'too stuffy'. By combining oxygen-producing greenery to displace Co2, with well-honed air conditioning and temperature control in all the right places, you can produce an indoor environment that would mirror the one outside (perhaps even better!)
  • Reputation. If you're creating office interiors in Reading in order to impress clients and staff like, then you would want to be seen as forward-thinking and modern. Biophilic design falls very much into that mould – purely-functional, bland offices are a thing of the past, whereas today, people want to see businesses that can think beyond the traditional and instead, produce the best environment possible. With a reputation as forward-thinkers, you will only gain clients and attract/keep talented people working for the business.

Biophilic design, From Oaktree Interiors

Bringing the outdoors, indoors is something that we have much experience of here at Oaktree Interiors. One recent example, was our work for Brogan Group. Requiring a complete strip-out of the existing fittings, we re-imagined the office space, creating new fittings and installing new air conditioning infrastructure in order to offer the company an environment that they can manipulate as they see fit. The results of the relaxing environment that we're able to bestow is reflected throughout Brogan's new office design; with greenery, wall coverings and window installations, that have been designed to take advantage of natural light, all abiding by the fundamentals of Biophilic design.

Interested In Creating The Perfect Office Environment? Contact Our Office Design Experts Today

One of our sayings here at Oaktree is that we don't just believe that a workplace is somewhere in which to do work – the environment offered has a huge effect on the people who work for your business too. With an increasing business sector in the South East – especially in Berkshire – today is the perfect time to think about ways to keep ahead of the latest business trends. If you are indeed looking to update your office interiors in Reading to be seen as an innovative, forward-thinking business, why not get in touch with us today to discuss your perfect office design?

If you would like further information on how we are able to implement the perfect office environment for your business, why not get in touch with our friendly office design experts? You can call us on 0345 2186955 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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