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It's now been over 12 months since the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. With settlement deal talks between the UK government and the European Union currently ongoing and a leave date set for March 2019, the prospect has recently started to become very real for some. Regardless of what happens post-Brexit, local businesses will need to continue to think of new and innovative ways of improving, in order to keep current business and attract new trade – something that an office refurbishment in Mayfair can help with.

The Mixed Reactions of Brexit

With a vote of 51.89% to 49.11% it's blindly obvious to say that the reaction to the vote from the general populous is somewhat mixed. The reactions of the business world has been mixed along similar lines too; for those who trade directly with EU countries, the current waiting period until a deal is agreed is proving to be an extremely difficult time, with even the futures of some companies up in the air. For others, however, those who may trade internally or outside of the EU, Brexit may actually prove to be positive, what with the possible removal of tariffs and the opportunity to trade more freely with other parts of the world giving a boost to their business.

Just like after the result was known, at this moment in time we still do not know what will happen – but rather than panic and make rash decisions, we all should take stock of what we have and what can be improved in our businesses as we wait for the actual effects of Brexit to transpire. Being a relatively easy change, one that will help to boost productivity and general morale in these arguably difficult times, something like an office refurbishment in Mayfair will have a massive impact for those who need one.

The Fall In The Pound

Though expected, it's the sheer fall in the pound since Brexit that has surprised some – just like the result of the vote itself, it has produced a mixed reaction. Obviously, the fall in the currency says that British goods and service will cost less, meaning that business will have to sell more just to break even. It's the waiting that's affecting them too – not knowing which way to turn before the start of this new era, isn't an ideal way in which to set a long-term plan in regards to their business.

On the other side, however, the fall also suggests that more overseas businesses will be interested in investing in the British economy, thanks to a more favourable exchange rate. As an example, the BBC has recently reported that tourism in the UK has seen a vast increase since the vote to leave – with such encouraging numbers, it isn't implausible to suggest that a similar effect could transpire for businesses once the true outcome of the exit is known.

At this moment in time, the bottom line is that we will not know whether Brexit will really be a success or not in five, ten perhaps even twenty years after we've actually left the European Union. What's important at the moment, is that businesses put in place a number of contingencies that cater for all eventualities. One of these, of course, can be an office refurbishment in Mayfair.

How Can My Business Benefit From An Office Refurbishment In Mayfair?

No matter the effects of the eventual Brexit, all modern, forward-thinking businesses must constantly look towards areas of improvement to keep themselves at the top their industry tree. Regardless of your personal view on Brexit – or whether your business may benefit or not – there's no doubting that this new era for our country will provide a challenge for us all.

One major challenge of all businesses no matter the political climate is, of course, the happiness of those who make it a success – its staff. It's understandable that if the interiors don't provide a comfortable, inspiring and collaborative environment, then the happiness of staff will plunge; reducing the amount and quality of work produced.

Here, we'll look at how an office refurbishment in Mayfair can help your business:

  • The Work Produced. Being present in an office for over 8 hours a day means that some workers will actually be spending more time sat down doing work than they'll be doing sitting down, relaxing in their own homes. This makes it vitally important that workplaces are able to offer as comfortable of an environment as the average home; being uncomfortable will only work to make them sore, tired and disillusioned. This will lead to lower rate of work being produced and the quality of it possibly not being up to standard. On the other hand, making changes to the furniture, desks, access to technology and the general interiors, will help to boost happiness and create a positive feeling around the workplace.
  • Branding. The importance of branding in this modern world cannot be overlooked. Acting as the 'face' of your business, it says everything about your company to clients and employees alike. Whilst many businesses will produce advertising materials that look and read attractive – some of them forget that the 'brand' should be extending to all aspects of the business too – including the office design. Producing a workplace that reflects those materials; recreating that warm public face, you will be setting the utmost professional image. Ideal to impress those potential clients, employees or any other visitors with.
  • Take Stock and Re-Organise. With the Brexit vote handing many businesses the ideal opportunity to take stock of their business, perhaps resetting goals and looking at ways to improve, an office refurbishment in Mayfair can help to do the same to the current layout of the office? Whilst to reimagine their interiors, many businesses undertake a relocation, for some (especially those in a favourable location) this isn't an option. By reimaging your current space, you can look at ways in which the business can make better use of its current interiors. Whether it's to bestow a completely new layout in regards to the desks, creating collaborative facilities such as breakout rooms or to integrate new technology; taking stock of your current interiors and thinking about reorganisation is a great idea for any company, no matter its size, standing or budget.

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