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Throughout our many blogs commenting on the works we've carried out over the years – be it a business relocation in Hackney, office refurbishment in Southwark or any other type of work in the South East – we've always expressed the need for a modern, forward-thinking business to be brand-focused.

When we create an office design here at Oaktree Interiors, our work doesn't just result in a shell of a place that is purely functional – we believe that an office environment should do much more; it should be like another member of staff. Offering staff a comfortable, inspiring place in which to work, the majority of our clients understand that an office refurbishment can have a great impact on the productivity levels and quality of work produced.

Branding: Vital To Your Office Refurbishment in Southwark

With such a crowded marketplace, modern businesses look at every little detail in order to give them an advantage when it comes to attracting clients and talented employees alike. A part of this is of course, the quality of service but the other, is by clever marketing that allows their high-quality services to be taken notice of in the first place.

This is why branding is so important in the modern world; a brand gives off the impression of a professional company, one who has put much thought into their business and what they represent; if they've put that much thought into their brand, imagine how much thought they've put into their actual service!

Branding isn't just about colour schemes and logos – the brand can literally mean how the company functions; is it ultra-professional? Traditional? Easy-going? These branding elements (as well as colours and logos) can easily be reflected in an office refurbishment in Southwark by the aesthetic look and functions of items such as furniture, wall decorations, technology installations – anything that works to build an atmosphere in the workplace.

Office Branding Tips.

If you're thinking about improving your current workplace to produce a better atmosphere that works to improve productivity levels, quality of work and your general reputation, here are our office refurbishment in Southwark tips on building a brand that truly stands out amongst the crowd:

  • What Are Your Brand's Values? Before you embark on any new office design, you must understand what values you want your business to represent. Think about your services and what is expected of them by your clients. Ask your employees what their opinions are – they may not only come up with some great ideas but they'll also feel appreciated in knowing that the company values their opinions on the future of their workplace.
  • The Different Spaces For Staff and Clients. During the office design process, it's vital that you are able to differentiate client and staff spaces and hone them specifically for their use. Both camps are likely to view the company differently – staff should be allowed to work comfortably in an environment that has all the tools they need to complete their work, whereas clients are waiting to be impressed by the company and the services that it offers.
  • Place Focus on The Key Areas. Indeed, any great office fit out will need to get the client/staff balance right – and it's very easy to get it wrong. The best way to avoid making a mistake with your office design, is by concentrating on the key areas. As an example, in terms of clients, the obvious key area would be the reception; being the first point of contact with your business, any visitor will get an immediate impression of you from that initial contact. In terms of employee areas, think about the aspects which would help them to feel comfortable and inspired and how it can be achieved.
  • Advertise Yourself. Dependent on the nature of your business, you can include the very products and services you offer in your bespoke office design. What tells the story of your company better, than the very things that you're trying to sell? We're not necessarily talking about attaching products to walls (although we can!) but much of our office refurbishment in Southwark (and throughout London) work has seen us create 'product demonstration rooms' that give intrigued clients a better look at what they're potentially buying into. Noticing the effort and seeing the product for themselves, they'll be more likely to go with you. For staff too, the constant reminder of what they're working towards will further help to inspire and motivate them in producing the highest standard of work possible.
  • The Colour Scheme. Of course, colour plays a huge part in setting up the brand of a company, so much thought should be placed in the colours you want to relate to. If you already have a company colour scheme, they may be appropriate to decorate your office with. If the colours are too distracting, then think about the nature of your business and which colours would best reflect your workings – as an example, if staff are required to place high concentration for large periods of the day, then intense colours will be too distracting. If you're wanting to boost creativity, then plain, bland walls won't help either.

Comprehensive Office Design From Oaktree Interiors

Interested in bestowing bespoke branding on your office interiors? Here at Oaktree, we have a vast experience of carrying out a wide range of office refurbishment in Southwark work for a wider range of companies – no matter their size, trade or budget. We can guarantee that our office designs are created by some of the most innovative and talented designers in the industry – every single workplace that we create is totally unique. Ideal if you're looking to create a brand.

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