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We are pleased to announce that we have recently been appointed to carry out a brand-new office design and build for Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce. Our office fitters in Slough will assist them in creating an office design that will make better commercial use of an area located on the ground floor of their current building.

The added bonus with this new project, is that we will get to start from an almost basic shell – the need to do little in the way of stripping out materials allows us to get on with the job in hand immediately, preparing and installing materials, without the need to undertake any messy or noisy, time-consuming demolitions.

Oaktree Interiors' Experienced Office Fitters In Slough.

With an experience in the office design industry scaling back some 3 decades, we can guarantee that there aren't many professionals in the industry with such a depth of knowledge and the skills to undertake the works required. Our office fitters in Slough are able to create bespoke workplaces that meet every single one of our clients' requirements – and more.

At Oaktree, we don't believe that a workplace is just something to exist in, somewhere in which just to do work. We believe that the environment offered by an office is literally another member of staff. The way in which it's designed and the facilities it possesses can help others to achieve high productivity rates, a better quality of work and a better sense of job satisfaction. These are all aspects that any business, no matter their size or industry, all seek – a workplace that can work with your company, rather than just around your company, is the only way to realistically achieve this. This is why forward-thinking operations such as the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce has recognised that fact – and why our office fitters in Slough are getting ready to start on this exciting new project.

Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

Based to the west of Slough town centre, The Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce Group works with homegrown and foreign-owned businesses across Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, as well as Swindon in order to assist them in achieving their full business potential. Also possessing offices in Heathrow and Oxfordshire, they work to achieve their aims by offering their 4000+ members a number of services that range from general business advice, networking events and international trade support.

Thanks to their recognised centre of excellence for global trade and investment, they are able to provide these services that promote and create opportunities for the local business community, whilst still protecting trade and the existing local/national economic environment.

Some key facts relating to the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, include:

  • The combined number of staff employed by the members, numbers more than 295,000.
  • A figure of £2.3m represents the value of international trade that was garnered by its members in 2016.
  • Their clients gain an average of 150 new international trade customers per year.
  • 65% of international businesses that are setting up or expanding are supported.

Our Office Design Brief

The area that the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce have set aside for our office fitters in Slough, will comprise of new meeting facilities, as well as a new recording/media room for their members and their clients. The brief that they gave our designers to incorporate into the design plan, was:

  • To create a single media room, alongside two separate meeting zones.
  • Place some consideration into the best use of space for the corridor area.
  • Create interiors that display a professional business-like ambience.
  • New mechanical and electrical systems, to support a wide range of applications.
  • The creation of an agile working space for all.

The works will comprise the creation of suspended ceilings, air conditioning, electrics, partitions, a raised access floor, as well as carpet installations and complete decoration. The works are set to start in mid-August and scheduled to last for around 4 weeks.

In Need of A Refresh of Your Office Fit Out?

The work that our office fitters in Slough are undertaking for the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce is just one of many exciting projects that we've carried out this year – please browse our blog for more examples of our work we have carried out for our varying range of clients.

No matter what type or size of business you are, we can guarantee that a new office fit out for your business will help to create a positive atmosphere, raising productivity levels and the quality of work produced. Not just that but new-and-improved interiors will also help to make the process of work run much smoother – whether it's new technological installations, easier access to equipment or better-defined storage space – no requirements aren't reachable for our office fitters in Slough.

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