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Having assisted Tavistock Investments with the interior design and planning of their new Berkshire HQ in Bracknell a year ago, we are absolutely thrilled toannounce that we will be very shortly, carrying out a similar office fit out project for them on the ground floor of the same building. The quality and endeavour of our previous work was the clinching factor in Tavistock returning to us to carry out a further expansion of their business, so we're very much looking forward to getting started.

We are an office refurbishment company that has clocked up over 3 decades of experience in designing and building office spaces for all kinds of businesses. Our abilities to improve and adapt to modern design trends are exactly the reasons why we are a leader in office design in London and theSouth. Please feel free to browse our website to see the many services that we are able to carry out for all our clients. We also have a dedicated testimonial section where many of our happy and varied clients have left a review of our services. We take great pride in learning that the companies that we work for continue to get the best out of their new office spaces. Tavistock Investments is one such company – which goes to prove the positive impact that new office designs can have on a business.

Who are Tavistock Investments?

Tavistock Investments is an AIM investment group that was established in July 2013. They are committed to delivering a cost-effective and ultimately rewarding service to retail investors. Other aspects of their work include the enforcement of strong governance and compliance towards financial systems and standards.

The group works as an umbrella for three separate companies, which include:

  • Tavistock Financial provides independent and restricted compliance and oversight services to financial advisers. Their support covers all areas of their client's business, in an attempt to ensure that they are receiving the best advice. The company also provide technical support, to help their clients to meet the wide range of regulatory requirements.
  • Tavistock Partners is responsible for providing compliance, administration and accounting services to independent financial advisers (IFAs). The company offers a flexible exit strategy for any business leader looking to establish a succession plan for their company and for whom, the on-going care of their client base is paramount.
  • Tavistock Wealth manages a Centralised Investment Proposition (CIP), which is available to all clients of Tavistock Partners and Tavistock Financial. This gives individual investors the benefit of possessing collective buying power, ensuring low charges for model portfolio management, platform fees and dealing. By collaborating with the most successful managers in the industry, Tavistock Wealth's aim is to provide retail clients with the access to quality portfolio management at a retail price.

Tavistock Investments' new office fit out.

The work that we'll be undertaking on Tavistock Investments' new office will take the form of an entire refurbishment of their current ground floor space, in order for it to match the company's branding and values. Our previous refurbishment of their HQ included the installation of veneer doors, frameless double-glazing, as well as various ceiling and lighting features.

The work that we'll be carrying out as part of the redesign of the ground floor will include a complete redecoration of the existing interiors, turning them into partitioned open-plan work areas. We'll also be constructing a new break-out facility for staff to be able to hold informal meetings, which encourages co-operative work. Finally, we'll be installing brand-new office furniture and revising the existing mechanical and electrical infrastructure.

Why is company branding important?

Tavistock Investments are just one of many companies who understand the importance of a business to be able to reflect its core values in the design of its interiors. Aside from being responsible for the wellbeing of staff, most businesses will have clients or business partners visiting frequently, which makes it even more important that the office space is appealing and inviting.

Three points to consider when thinking about branding include:

1. Practically . The interior of an office space needs to fully support everything that the business undertakes. This includes everything that's important for the day-to-day running of the business - from having enough meeting rooms, desks or computers, to ensuring that the building's utilities are able to run correctly.

2. Liveable. Being somewhat of a home from home, we spend a lot of time in the work environment. Very much like a home, an office must be made liveable over the long term, in order to make employees more comfortable and settled. This will save the need to make constant changes to the interiors in the future.

3. Memorable. For companies who regularly host clients in their office, first impressions are vital – they can potentially be the difference between the client choosing to hire the business's services, or not. To be memorable, an office should use its interiors to make an emotional connection with people – these can be visual and physical connections, such as colour schemes and the layout of the furniture, or other decorative aspects that combine together to create a bespoke, memorable environment.

Oaktree Interiors – An experienced and flexible office fit out company for you!

We are extremely proud of our long history of being office fitters for a varying range of clients: from smallest to largest of companies. No matter what kind of business you're in, we'll be able to design and build the perfect bespoke office space for you!

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