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The layout of an office is one of the most pivotal elements of its design and plays a hugely important role in creating a workplace which is friendly, comfortable, inspiring and productive. Too often more consideration is put into the look and feel of the office, which although important, doesn't have as much of an effect compared with where people sit and who they can communicate and collaborate with easily. This is what makes office partitioning one of the most important considerations of every office design.

A Guide To Office Partitioning

  • Improves Concentration – Every office needs to find the right balance between privacy and collaboration. This will depend on the type of business and workers, but generally employees require the right level of concentration in order to do their job effectively. Office partitioning can customised to give you the privacy or noise cancellation you require.
  • Aesthetics – The way in which an office appears can have a huge effect over general staff morale and their incentive to work hard for the company. Many types ofoffice partitioning are now available including single or double glazed, as well as a range of materials including wood, aluminium, plasterboard, composite and glass and in different designs, colours and sizes, improving the office appearance as well as creating segregated areas.
  • Cheaper Than Solid Stud Walls – Office partitioning provides a much more cost effective way of creating a new room or area, and their flexibility means you can create and dismantle them whenever and wherever you need to. This makes them much less disruptive than any other means of structural change, preventing workers from being moved around and less inconvenience overall.

Office Partitioning

How Do I Know What Type Of Office Partitioning I Need?

When trying to decide which type of office partitioning is most suitable for your workspace, its best to think about what its primary purpose will be. Each variety of office partitioning available has different strengths and weaknesses.

Demountable partitioning is effective in office areas and has the benefit of being easy to dismantle and re-erect if you need some flexibility making it the easiest to move around regularly. Sliding or folding door partitions are great if you need to close or open up areas for different purposes.

Wood partitioning produces a practical but very pleasing office environment, as it creates a natural look and feel making them ideal for conference facilities, executive suites and boardrooms.

Full and Half Glazed glass partitions are an excellent choice if you want to make sure each office space has the maximum amount of light. Glazed partitions can also look good in modern open plan offices as they blend in with the design and are not an obvious partition.

Office Partitioning From Oaktree Interiors

At Oaktree Interiors we have 30 years of experience and knowledge that makes us one of the leading office refurbishment fit-outs and office partitioning companies in the UK. We've provided tailored solutions for both large and small companies, helping them create an office interior which has everything they need for the future success of their brand.

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