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The recent heat wave in the United Kingdom brought to light that some businesses were suffering from a lack of preparation for high temperatures. If you're curious how your office design in London can help you prepare for a future rise in temperature, here are 6 tips to give you a helping hand.

But First; What Causes A Heat Wave?

A heat wave is a time period (usually around 2-3 days but can be longer) when the weather is unusually hot for that time of year. They are caused by high pressure systems. These systems are slow moving which is why they can persist for days (or even weeks).

Heat waves can be very serious, in July of 2006, temperatures reached 37 centigrade (the average for that week is normally around 21-23c). As a result of these high temperatures, some people noticed that the roads had melted!

Prepare For The High Temperatures With These 6 Tips

  • Install Air Conditioning. Perhaps one of the obvious ways that office design in London can help you prepare for a heat wave is to install air conditioning in your place of work.

At Oaktree Interiors you can refurbish your current office to add air conditioning or design a new office space with air conditioning included. This way, when next heat wave strikes, you and your employees can relax and carry out your tasks, safeguarded from the heat wave in your new office space.

  • Add A Fan to Every Desk. If you can't quite afford to add air conditioning, you could add a desk fan to every desk. This way, employees can have some relief from the heat at their desk.

A desk fan can be a simple and cost effective way to provide your employees with some relief from the summer heat, and when combined with other items on this list, it could also possibly help increase their productivity by making them feel more comfortable in the workplace.

  • Add A Water Cooler To The Office. During a heat wave, it is very important that people stay hydrated. By adding a water cooler to the office, you're placing cold refreshing water in a place that is convenient for members of staff to access.

You could also create some small posters to place around the workplace directing them to their nearest water cooler reminding them to stay hydrated.

  • Relax The Dress Code For Hot Days. If your office has a smart dress code, perhaps you could reduce it to smart casual when the local area is experiencing higher than average temperatures. For example, if people in the office space usually wear ties, allows them to not wear the tie could make those people feel cooler.

Allowing staff members to dress down could help them feel more comfortable during a heat wave. Additionally, many believe that feeling more comfortable in the office can help to boost productivity in the workplace.

You could communicate this change in dress code through company email messages or perhaps a company newsletter. This way all of your employees know what is and what is not acceptable to wear in the workplace.

Email Hot Weather Advice A Few Days In Advance

Send your employees a list of tips to help keep the office cool during a heat wave. For example, keeping electronics plugged in can increase the room temperature. Politely ask employees to not charge phones or any other devices in the workplace as the chargers may give off extra heat.

You could also provide people important health advice regarding heat waves. A good place to look for such information is the NHS, who suggest to “seek help from a GP or contact NHS 111 if someone is feeling unwell and shows symptoms of:

  • Breathlessness,
  • Chest pain,
  • Confusion
  • Intense thirst,
  • Weakness,
  • Dizziness,
  • Cramps which get worse or don't go away."
  • Ask Your Employees What They Would Like. If you're struggling to think of ways that you can improve the working conditions during a heat wave, ask your employees what they feel would help them to feel more comfortable in the office during high temperatures. You might discover something that you had previously overlooked.

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