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When it comes to office refurbishment in London, it is important that you understand your office space and your workforce intimately. It's all too easy to create a completely practical office that looks terrible and saps your employee's positive attitude, just as it is easy to create a great-looking, but ultimately counter-productive office space.

There are dozens of mistakes that business owners and rookie interior designers make which can seriously impact the quality of your end product. If you fail to note of these essential tips, then it's likely that you'll end up with an ultimately disappointing workspace, even if it looks fantastic.

6 Tips To Avoid An Office Refurbishment Nightmare!

  1. Never Assume That One Building Is The Same As Another – Before you begin any kind of refurbishment or design work, the first step should always be the carrying out of surveys. Both mechanical and electrical surveys, as well as structural surveys, can be essential when it comes to planning and implementing your unique office design.

    It's also important that, along with an overview of your building and available space, you have ensured that your various building's systems are operating effectively. This could include anything from lifts to IT services, water supplies and telecommunication services. If they aren't, it might be worth considering relocation, rather than refurbishment.

    The systems of many building are suitable for enhancement as part of your refurbishment efforts, but it is worth making sure that they are suitable for change before you commit to any design.
  2. Never Put Your People Last– Most of the time, your employees understand their role in the company better than you. Your team will often have great insights into simple, often achievable ways that you can make their working life easier.

    When it comes to the best office refurbishment in London, you need to make sure that you include your employees in the conversation.
  3. Never Think That Your Office Refurbishment Won't Impact Office Productivity–Two of the most common reasons for refurbishing an office space include improving office productivity and staff well being. However, when it comes time to actually implement your office design, it's all too easy to lose sight of this.

    Your employees want to work more efficiently, not least because it makes their working life that much easier. Keep them in mind throughout the entire process and ensure that your choices will have a real, positive effect on their working lives.
  4. Consider The Role Of Nature In Your Design– Including natural decoration, including flowers and trees, as well as making the most of natural light is absolutely essential if you want to make a real different in your workspace. Not only can greenery improve air quality, it can also make your staff much more positive. A sterile, artificial environment can impact on an employee's mental well being and really impact your workplace's happiness.
  5. Listen To Professional Advice– You're going to need to work with a team of office refurbishment in London specialists. If you fail to heed their advice, or think that you know more than them about office design, then you're likely going to end up with a poor quality workplace. It's always good to share your views and desires, but if your designers can offer explanations as to why an alternative method might be more effective, always take care to listen to them.
  6. Consider Furniture And Aesthetics!– There is a type of employer that believes that overly comfortable furniture will impact negatively on employee productivity. A comfortable chair or ergonomic desk can actually improve productivity, as your employees will be able to remain in one spot for longer, and will not have discomfort acting as a distraction.

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