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The vast majority of us spend more time working during the week than doing any other type of activity. In offices, we're often sat in the same place, at the same desk and on the same chair – when coupled with an office design that is dull and uninspiring, is it really a surprise when there are times when we feel tired and unmotivated at work?

It's for that exact reason why so many businesses are now investing a lot of thinking into re-imagining their office design in London. By producing an environment that is comfortable, inspiring and allows for easy access to tools and technology for workers to go about their jobs, it's no surprise the end result is a vast rise in productivity and quality of work.

The Rise of Coworking In Office Design In London.

One of the most noticeable trends in office design throughout the last decade has been that of coworking. To put it simply, coworking is an approach to office design that sees a single space used by people who work for themselves, different employers or indeed, for the same company (but in differing departments). The aim is for everyone to share equipment, ideas and knowledge with one of the major benefits being that the office provides a cost-effective working space for everyone. Not only that, but coworking is also designed to encourage interaction and to create a community inside the office space, further increasing the levels of productivity and quality of work.

With many offices not running to their full capacities and with high rents, long leases – even unfavourable locations – causing issues for modern businesses, using coworking has helped many small and medium-sized operations to attain a workplace that is cost-effective and helps their workforce to be more productive simply by being present in a close, collaborative environment.

Coworking vs. The Traditional Office Design.

The traditional office design is of course classically referred to as a 'cubicle environment', which would see staff tucked away in their own surroundings. But there's more to traditional office design than just locking away people in cubicles for 8 hours a day – traditional office design requires that everything present in the space provided has to conform to the constraints of the office design. Living as we do in an era that requires flexibility in terms of technology and working practices, the office design of today should conform to the needs and abilities of everyone present, not to the traditional design that dictates how we work. Changing and adapting to the working needs of the workforce is something that modern office design can do, whereas traditional office design cannot.

Here are some reasons why implementing a coworking philosophy upon your office design in London is of more benefit than a traditional office design:

  • Make connections for new ideas and an increase in productivity. The typical layout of a coworking space comprises of long desks and tables in an open area, with numerous common areas, such as break rooms, kitchens and smaller offices. This gives the opportunity for people who work on the same/similar projects to have informal meetings, which creates a sense of creativity and collaboration amongst everyone, leading to a better quality of work and increased productivity.
  • Find talented people to work with. Coworking facilities are a great place to tap into talented individuals who can help a business to achieve their aims. With the rise in the number people who undertake freelance work, coworking design offer them a cost-effective space in which to work, leaving them open to taking on new projects referred to them by their fellows who occupy the same office space. This offers a business a great opportunity to employ 'in-house' talent without having to go to the time and further expense at bringing in someone externally.
  • Develop a good working rhythm. Grouping together a number of talented, driven workers will help others to find a similar rhythm when it comes to undertaking their own work. Just like a dull, lifeless and often lonely, office environment can lead to a downturn in productivity, one that offers a contagious flow of creativity and work will only infect others with the same habits.
  • Flexible and adaptive working. Promoting a culture of innovation, openness and of course, flexibility, coworking spaces don't allow people to be stuck at the same desks and working to a set timetable. By giving employees the freedom to work how and when they want will see an increase in new ideas and a drive to deliver the best-possible work.
  • Improvements in social life. One of the biggest drawbacks of being stuck in the same private office is that staff will miss out on social interactions – interactions that directly play into some people's own mental wellbeing. By providing a coworking platform from which people can build up friendships will go a long way into making those people happy and content with their working day, again further playing into the quality of work produced during work hours.
  • Coworking will get better as time goes on. Thanks to the social nature provided by coworking, the practice will continue to change and improve in order to meet the needs of the workers they serve. Even in recent times, which has seen the popularity of coworking office design in London rise exponentially, innovations and improvements have been made in the way spaces help their occupants – with a traditional rental office, everything will remain unchanged as time goes on.

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