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You're fully aware of the benefits that a new office design has on your employees, your brand and reputation. You've fenced off a budget and you've got the perfect ideas in mind of what items to include. Ready to start, right? Not quite – many businesses make the mistake of rushing the renovation of their office fit out, simply to get settled in their new interiors as soon as possible.

What you need to put in place first is a plan-of-action. Do you know exactly what you want to accomplish with your design? By defining your intentions at the very start of the process, you will be able to avoid common mistakes that affect the long-term effectiveness of the workplace.

Office Design Nightmares To Avoid

In their quest to create the perfect office design for their business, many companies will rush into creating a construction plan that takes into account what their business requires now. But what about the future? What happens when you need to expand or create new storage space? Does the lighting work in a positive way? What do your employees think about the design?

With these questions in mind, here are those common mistakes and our tips on avoiding them:

  • Not Combining Cost with Quality. Going for the cheapest products to save on costs may be a great idea in the short term but it rarely ever provides long-term benefits. Wouldn't applying a cost effective model – combining the quality, its effects and costs not be a better path to go down? In terms of furniture for the office, the cheapest fittings won't offer the same level of comfort and functionality as items that are slightly more expensive. When you're incorporating such items into your design plan, ensure you do your research on their effects and functions and see how they fit with your aims and requirements – and of the course, your budget.
  • Not Gaining Employee Input. Just blindly lumping for the latest trends in office design without actually seeing if they are right for your business is something you should stay well clear from. It's always advisable to keep up with modern design elements but it's more important to think about how their effects can help you, rather than just thinking about how good they look. By asking the very people who will be experiencing these elements during the working week, you will be able to get a handle on what criteria you have to measure against. Whether it's styles and comfort of furniture, lighting or technology – there is plenty to think about.
  • Thinking About Today – Not Tomorrow. Most companies will have growth as part of their business plan – if anything, it's a measure of success to see your company grow. Too many office designs are built to cater for the existing workforce of a business, without much thought about what the future may hold. Whether it's room for additional employees, furniture, storage, technology...the list of things that can experience growth is virtually endless. We're not talking about leaving vast areas of your office empty but by putting some thought into your design plan of how you can expand in the future will make it much easier to do, when the time comes. Not only will it save on time and convenience – but costs too!
  • Enough Room For Everyone – But Not Everything. With modern office design trends suggesting that a minimalist design is the best way to combine functionality with cost – don't forget about including space to store everything comfortably (as well as everyone!) Too many businesses don't take into account their storage needs when thinking about a new office fit out; it's all about creating space for employees and the accompanying furniture and technology that's required. Not only does a good amount of storage space help to clear away clutter but it also helps to better organise items, making them easily accessible for anyone who may need them.
  • Not Thinking About The Effects of Lighting. Modern LED lighting is fantastic; offices are able to take advantage of more-customisable light sources, creating a productive, bright atmosphere that will be of a benefit to all on those dark winter days. Sometimes though (especially during the brighter months) using natural light will be a much better solution in creating the perfect atmosphere – not only does natural sunlight have health benefits, it can also help employees to feel relaxed and feeling good. If your office has plenty of window installations, why spend your budget on vast amounts of expensive lighting that you'll barely use anyway?
  • Limited (or Lack of) Reception Area. As the first-point-of contact that a member of the public will have with your businesses, your reception area is key. Sometimes though, businesses (especially those who employ one receptionist) don't think about all eventualities and just create a reception area that is suitable for day-to-day work. There may be occasions when you'll need more space, such as during big meetings or interviews. You should take in to account all eventualities that your reception area can be used for and consider their different aspects them when thinking about your new office design.

Comprehensive Office Fit Outs From Oaktree Interiors

If you're interested in improving your office interiors for the future, why not get in touch with a professional office design company who can perfectly execute your requirements, as well as suggest a few more items that would be of benefit to your business? Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have been operating within the industry for over 30 years and have created bespoke office environments for a wide array of business operations. No matter if you're a small, local office or one that is part of a multi-national network – we are able to put in place a design plan that will realise all your ambitions and more.

If you require any further information on how a new office fit out can progress your business, why not get in touch with our office design experts today? You can give us a call on 0345 2186955 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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