leadforensics 5 Star (Edible) Products Warehouse And Office Design In London!

When 5 Star (Edible) Products were looking for a team of professional office designers, they found the Oaktree Interiors website and immediately requested that we meet with them and understand their unique requirements. Following that process, we are proud to announce that we have been selected for their office interior design and build project at their 22,500 sq ft office and distribution facility at Dolphin Park in Thurrock, Essex.

Who Are 5 Star (Edible) Products?

The client is a wholesaler and distributor of food and catering supplies to the restaurant and take-away industries. Formed in 1983, the company operates from a central London distribution centre in Poplar.

However, as a result of the developing local area, as well as the company's growing workforce (including the acquisition of another business), the company decided that it was time to relocate. One of the major advantages of this move was that the company would then have much better access to the motorway network of South-East England, allowing them easier access to the rest of the country.

Why Did 5 Star Choose Oaktree Interiors?

Oaktree Interiors were chosen to handle the entire project from the initial suitability checks, through to our design and implementation approach and as a result of understanding the challenges that the business might face in the early stages. Other factors which helped the client choose our professional team included our demonstrated ability to deliver a high-quality finished product within a very short time frame as evidenced by our long-list of satisfied customers.

5 Star (Edible) Products New Office Design!

One of the largest problems that we faced was simply the fact that the facility had stood vacant for several months. During this time, the interior of the building had suffered extensive damage as a result of vandalism. With their previous property already having been sold to a group of developers, the timescales for the project were extremely short and fairly challenging.

Work commenced in late September, with the client able to move in to their new premises by the end of October. Our overall office design in London consisted of the complete refurbishment to both floors of the office space. It was important that the office had the facilities in place to effectively manage its day-to-day business and, to that end; we included a dedicated boardroom space as well as a communications facility on the first floor. We also made sure that the managerial offices were spacious enough to create a comfortable and collaborative working environment.

The ground floor area consisted of a brand new reception area, with open-plan offices to facilitate communication between employees and to create a dynamic atmosphere that really reflects the organisation's brand identity. It was also important that the businesses' employees felt comfortable within their working environment and, with that in mind, we created a comfortable kitchen and break out area along with another kitchen area within the warehouse itself.

For their prospective customers, we took the time to create a fantastic and stylish showroom, along with a dedicated trade counter to facilitate quick and easy business transactions. Aside from these major design components, we also installed new furniture, carpets and completely overhauled what existing decoration there was. We also replaced the existing mechanical, electrical and information infrastructures with modern alternatives.

For Office Design In London, Choose Oaktree Interiors

Thanks to our passion for office design in London, as well as our many years' experience, we are able to provide high-quality office interiors and refurbishment services within extremely short time constraints. We specialise in creating unique working areas, with the overall goal of improving your employee's positivity and productivity.

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our professional team today on 0118 979 6600. Alternatively, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding office design in London, email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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