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The latest in office design trends are an excellent way to find inspiration for your office refurbishment in Cambridge, but you should always make sure that you aren't just following them blindly. Remember to take your ideas from these developing trends, but always consider how useful they will actually be for your business.

Remember, too, that implementing office designs just because you like the look of them is not a good reason to do so; you need to ensure that every bit of your office has a practical purpose, whether that is to improve your employee's day-to-day lives or maximise their productivity.

Office Design Trends To Look Out For In 2016!

  1. Collaborative Spaces – Now, you'll already know that tech leaders, such as Google and Dropbox, are known for bringing open-office designs to life, and many businesses seek to copy the success of these businesses, even though it might not offer any practical advantage.

    Innovation tends to work at its best when multiple employees are working together on the same wavelength. Collaborative spaces are essential for driving group projects forward and encouraging innovations.
  2. Multipurpose Spaces – Most people tend to abandon their light-hearted side as soon as they enter the workplace, but this isn't really a good thing. By presenting yourself as professional, you can unintentionally smother your own creativity, and be less enthusiastic when it comes to others'.

    Creativity is actually at its peak during playful activities, which is why sports can be a great way to break down barriers, particularly amongst the most self-conscious members of your team.

    Multipurpose space is great for this, as it can allow smaller companies to make the most of their available space and help to improve employee creativity and foster a sense of community within your business.
  3. Bring Nature Indoors! – This has been part of office design for a long time, but it has never gotten any less important. By including plants and natural greenery, you can not only help to improve the air quality within your premises, but can improve employee mood as well.

    Many larger businesses, including Facebook and Twitter, have taken this to heart by including huge natural walls within their design, along with a range of other refreshingly natural office features.
  4. Privacy Pods – Whilst communal spaces are extremely useful, you also need to make sure that your design includes smaller, more private areas for your employees to get on with their own work. They can also be useful for small, enclosed meetings without the risk of interruption.

    Not only are these spaces less formal than a traditional conference room, thereby making the entire meeting less formal and more productive, but they are also readily accessible to employees, allowing quick and impromptu meetings without having to book time in the meeting room.
  5. Fostering Company Culture – Your office design needs to effectively reflect both your brand identity and the overall company of your culture. It is important when it comes to working on business and workplace loyalty, whilst also promoting a distinct sense of identity amongst your employees.

    A great technique can be keeping success stories at the visual forefront of your workplace design, and encouraging a culture of innovation and rewarding achievement. It can also be a great idea to encourage your employees to personalise their working space, if they have a dedicated working area.

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