leadforensics 4 Of The Best Ways To Utilise Colour In Your Office Refurbishment!

Interior Designers have been utilising colour to affect the moods of office workers and employees for years, but it is only recently that great numbers of business owners are really starting to take an interest in the use of colour in their office environments.

When you next choose to make the most of the most innovative office design strategies for your Office Refurbishment, be sure to keep these four colour schemes in mind. The more ideal your office environment is for your employees, the happier, healthier and more productive they will be!

4 Of The Best Ways To Use Colour In Your Office's Design!

  1. Cool Your Office Down, With Blue Shades – Blue has been proven to produce a calm and soothing effect, and it is often called the 'colour of intelligence'. It has been said that, since there are no naturally blue foods, this colour scheme can help to suppress the appetite and encourage a much higher-level of concentration. Blues are also said to have a positive effect on creativity and, as such, are ideal for industries where creative thinking or collaboration is important. Examples of blue being used in offices include design or advertising agencies, and even some universities make the most out of the colour. One thing to be wary of, however, is that blue can make your employees feel colder. There have been several reported cases of employees feeling cold in a blue room, when they are perfectly fine in a warmer-coloured room of the same temperature.
  2. Choose To Warm Your Office With Light And Earthy Colours – In the same way that blue can actually cool a person down, warmer colours can actually make a person feel more comfortable and relaxed. Earthy colours, including pale oranges or light browns, can bring a greater sense of warmth to an office. The natural tone of these colours can make employees feel grounded, and avoids the distractions of brighter colours. Light yellows, in particular, tend to remind us of the sunshine and, as such, it can be used to great effect in offices which receive little in the way of natural light. Remember to use these colours with caution, as too many soft or soothing colours can dramatically lower productivity!
  3. Reds And Oranges To Promote Productivity! – Rich reds or magentas used in an office refurbishment can provide a massive boost to concentration and encourage higher levels of productivity. These colours are particularly effective as they also bring a sense of warmth to a room, in a similar way to natural colours. Orange is another colour which promotes high degrees of creativity, and many people associate it with fun and an easy-going atmosphere. This feeling of fun can increase oxygen supply to the brain, and stimulate great mental activity! Typically, the best office designs utilise reds and oranges sparingly, such as for feature walls. This is particularly important in smaller rooms, or those without access to natural light, as these colours can be overpowering or cause increased tension between employees.
  4. Keep It Clean With A Modern Combination – Wood, and wood-effect surfaces, have long been used to give an air of professionalism. In particular, darker woods like walnut can represent importance and is often used for executive offices. Many new office designs are utilising lighter, less severe woods in combination with stark white framework. This smart, clean pairing can make a small office light and open and help to improve the mood of your employees. Utilising quite neutral schemes can allow for the inclusion of colour accents, which can include painted walls or additional furniture.

Oaktree Interiors – The Best Providers Of Office Refurbishment In The UK!

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we know just how colour can affect the atmosphere of any environment. Colour choice is one of the most important aspects of the overall office design and every colour scheme has its advantages, just as it has its drawbacks.

For more information, or for advice in picking out the best colour scheme for your office refurbishment, feel free to contact us on 0118 979 6600 or email us directly at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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