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Does your office need updating? How can you tell if you need office refurbishment in Hackney? Here are 10 signs that your office needs updating.

10 Signs Your Office Needs An Update

  • Your Employees Are Complaining
    If your employees are complaining about the office space and it's poor condition, it's probably time to update the workspace.

    Think about the office chairs, do they promote good back posture? Maybe you should include some sit/stand desks so your employees have a choice of standing up or sitting down whilst they work.
  • Your Computer Software Is Old
    If you're using outdated computer software, the chances are you've also been neglecting updates to your office. If you're considering upgrading the software and the hardware of your computer systems, perhaps it is also the time for an update to your office interiors?

    At Oaktree Interiors we can provide a wide variety of different office services, such as office refurbishment in Hackney. If you're interested and would like to learn more, you can speak to our team on 0845 474 3556 and you can request a free consultation.
  • Furniture Is Broken
    If your office furniture is broken, it is definitely time to consider updating your office, or at least replace/repair the broken furniture.

    Perhaps you could take advantage of the need to get new furniture to update your office furnishings? Purchase higher quality tables, chairs, sofas and such for your workspace and improve the comfort of everyone in it.
  • The Wallpaper Is Falling Off
    If the wallpaper is falling off your walls, you absolutely need to redecorate. Take advantage of this opportunity, change the colour scheme and redecorate every room. Maybe you could add some plants and get new furniture that matches the new office colour scheme.

  • Issues With Productivity
    If the office has issues with productivity, perhaps a refurbishment service will help optimise the office space.

    If you're noticing falls in productivity but you're unsure what part of the office you need to change, consider creating an anonymous questionnaire and ask your employees what offices changes would they like and if there's anything in the office that harms their productivity.
  • No Room For Company Growth
    Would you like to take on new talent but you have no space left? Perhaps a refurbishment service can create the space needed to welcome this new talent.

    Additionally, if you're trying to attract new talent to your office, you should probably update your workspace to make sure that it is looking its best when the new potential team members arrive for their interviews.
  • Your Office Isn't On Brand
    If your office furniture and colour scheme don't match your brand, you need to change.

    Creating a stylish office that fits with your brand can sometimes be a challenge, but with an office refurbishment in Hackney service from Oaktree Interiors, you can enjoy a stylish office space that matches the brand of your business.
  • You're Having Issues With Organisation
    If you're struggling to keep things organised and it's resulting in a lot of clutter and a lot of time wasted trying to find things. You should probably consider refurbishing your office.

    With professional office refurbishment in Hackney from Oaktree Interiors, you can enjoy a high quality service from a friendly and skilled team. Our services can include joinery work, partitioning systems, storage solutions and many other office refurbishment services.
  • Are Your Toilets Frequently Occupied?
    If your toilets are frequently in use, or if there is often a queue for their use, it might be time to refurbish your office space to accommodate for the number of employees working in your office.

    One of the many services that our office refurbishment in Hackney service can include is a plumbing/waterworks service. So If you want to convert your bathroom spaces into a set of cubicles to accommodate for a larger workforce and provide some other refurbishments to your workspace as well, give our friendly and dedicated team of professionals a call today.
  • It Has Been A Few Years Since Your Last Refurbishment
    Keep your office space refreshed by regularly refurbishing it. Technology moves very fast so regularly refreshing your office space can be very beneficial to your business.

    For example, many devices are now powered by USB. It isn't just phones, tablets and other similar devices that can be charged using a USB connector. You can now find a variety of office devices that are powered by USB. As such, it might be very beneficial to your office to include plug sockets with space for USB devices, that way if an employee wants to add a USB powered fan to their desk to cool them down during the summer months, they don't need to search for a USB-to-mains adaptor.

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