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The ways in which we work are constantly changing, creating new challenges and opening up a vast range of opportunities for businesses around the world.

These developments have seen 'traditional'ways of office work come to an end, as the landscape has been redefined by the advanced technology we have at our disposal, as well as changing demographics,societal values and globalisation.

By meeting these challenges with agile office design, a business can benefit from the range of opportunities it presents; and the more opportunities the business has, the more the likelihood of them finding success will be.

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we specialise in creating agile work environments. Our highly trained professionals are skilled in a number of different aspects of office design and refurbishment, giving us the ability to offer a truly bespoke service.

If you're looking to reimagine the effect that your office interiors have on your employees, the products they create and/or the clients who buy them, then you should consider the benefits of an agile working environment.

What is office agile office design?

The basic aim behind agile office design is to create an environment that is efficient, effective and responsive.These are all key elements that help to improve business performance, employee happiness and customer approval.

It is a concept that is based upon the principle that 'work is an activity that is shaped by the things we do, rather than by the environment in which we find ourselves in. This allows for the creation of a workplace design that is suited to the employees, giving them the complete freedom and flexibility to control the environment in which they work, working where, when and with who they want. As a result, it is more likely they would produce a higher quality of work.

Agile design needs to offer flexibility.Rather than forcing employees to sit at the same desk day-in-day-out, agile activity-based working gives them the freedom to choose where they work, based on their specific needs at that moment in time. As such, agile and flexible working creates a flow from the intense, focused work environment, into one that is less formal and more collaborative.

Ultimately, agile working is all about connecting people, processes and technology to create a dynamic workforce that creates a great end product. By creating a range of areas within the office space to cater for the individual, as well as for collaboration, the'machinery' of a well-functioning business can be put in place.

How can my business benefit from an agile working environment?

  • Productivity and efficiency increase. By allowing employees to have ownership over their working day, they will feel more comfortable and catered for in their roles, be able to experience a good work life balance and good rapport with their fellows. Ideal feelings for job satisfaction too...
  • Retention and acquisition of talented employees. If an employee feels catered and cared for, then it's much more likely that they will grow a genuine affectation for the company, driving them on to achieve great things. The condition and capabilities of the workplace are also key in attracting new talents to a company; with the job market in many industries being somewhat fierce, the facility may often be the deciding factor that compels someone in choosing their next work destination.
  • Space saving and reduced costs. Any successful business is able to get the most out of its office space. Unfortunately,many a business will be renting space that isn't right for them; from its the size through to the on-site facilities. By introducing an agile office design,a business can understand their building, what they need to introduce within it and how it can be achieved.
  • Meet the expectations of clients. The defining factor of business success is the end product that is delivered to clients. A workplace is a machine and everything in it works to create something. The office agile working environment is the framework that houses the cogs, the cogs are the employees; working together to turn the machinery that creates the end product that the client wants to buy. If the business is able to invest in a framework that allows the cogs to function independently as best they can, this will create a harmonious flow of high-quality collaboration and teamwork; something that is reflected in the end product.

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Regardless of your particular requirements or budget, our experience within the office design industry can help you to create a bespoke working environment, giving you the means to meet the challenges presented by the expectations of the contemporary workforce.

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