Here at Oaktree, we are proud to announce that we have begun to carry out a comprehensive office refurbishment in London on behalf of Livingstone Partners LLP. Oaktree were selected thanks to our extensive office and interior design experience, and our quick understanding of the challenges that the organisation faced in creating an exciting and unique work space.

Who Are Livingstone Partners LLP?

Livingstone is an international Mergers & Acquisitions and Debt Advisory firm, which completes between 40 and 50 transactions every year and, as such, is one of the most active such firms in the world. They're professional team delivers creative and unique corporate financing solutions to entrepreneurs, management boards, major corporations, private investors and debt providers around the world.

As they are an independent firm, completely owned and managed by the senior team, they are a wholly relationship-driven organisation, with a focus on achieving outstanding results for their clients.

Livingstone's Office Refurbishment In London!

Based on the 2nd floor of number 15, Adam Street, WC2N 6RJ, Livingstone's office refurbishment in London is in one of the most prestigious areas of the capital. Located directly off The Strand, this area is highly sought after for office space.

Although the original office layout only provided space for their existing 38 employees in the London office, Livingstone needed the same space to be optimised to create a working environment for as many as 50 staff. In order to accommodate this, Oaktree's professional team were asked to include new workstations and personal storage units.

After making several visits to a variety of furniture showrooms providing accurate space plans and 3D visuals, the size of the project continued to grow. Our team were soon asked to create additional schemes for the Partners' separate offices and to update them to meet the requirements of the firm's most senior and experienced members.

Oaktree also redeveloped the main boardroom, fitted new flooring throughout and ensured that all the electrical works had the capacity to meet the growing requirements of the business.

In order to really bring the office space to life, and ensure that the brand identity was expressed throughout every part of the office interior design project, our team also applied visual wall graphics to stimulate and inspire the workforce and create a fantastic impression on their potential clients.

As part of the overall office renovation, we also supplied new furniture and completely new storage solutions throughout the work space.

Are You Looking For Professional Office Refurbishment In London?

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